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    Top Tips

1. Travel Smart

Getting a customized nutrient IV pre- or post-travel is recommended, as well as monthly for maintenance to help ward off viruses during this pandemic—especially during cold and flu season. We also offer a powerful combination of pharmaceutical-grade nutrients that provide support for immunity and combat stress; it’s pre-dosed and conveniently packaged for travel. Make sure to have extra on hand and take this supplement to fight symptoms as soon as you feel your health has been compromised. 

2. Get Moving

Daily exercise and optimal physical and mental health are inseparable. Exercise tends to be associated with losing weight, but staying active is good for your hormones, physical and mental processes, and building a strong foundation. You’ll benefit from this investment in yourself today and for the next 10, 20 or 40 years. 

3. Be Predictable

It’s a healthy choice! Create healthy environments with routine COVID-19 testing. We also offer cohort testing, which makes social, family and work interactions enjoyable and repercussion-free during these uncertain times. Test as a group before work retreats or vacation with friends or other families. Lower stress levels of cortisol for your family, friends and colleagues by taking proactive measures to keep your environment safe. 

4. Flu Shot

Consider getting a flu vaccination this year. It takes six weeks to develop immunity, so keep this in mind if you plan to travel. A flu shot helps medical providers eliminate a possible condition during this high-risk season. Consider a customized vitamin IV to boost your immune system.

5. Stop Germs

Stop the spread of germs by washing your hands frequently, sanitizing your environment and wearing a mask. Remember, we wear a mask to protect ourselves and others. Masks should completely cover the nose and mouth without gaps on the side of the face. Breathable, layered fabric is best. Avoid bandanas and neck gaiters; though fashionable, they do not offer enough protection against the spread of the virus. Discard disposable masks after each use and wash cloth masks daily to prevent bacteria buildup. Properly dry masks after washing to prevent mold.