Christine Anderson

Christine Anderson started working as a Realtor® more than 15 years ago in Vancouver. She joined Strand Hill Properties two years ago and sells upscale residential homes and redevelops high-end renovation projects. Christine and her two sons, along with their three rescue dogs, live in Manhattan Beach.

What sets you apart from other Realtors?

“A keen eye for the details that make a difference, along with an ability to listen and a strong motivation for customer satisfaction. This allows me to understand exactly what my clients are seeking. I don’t just list homes. I will do light renovations, declutter, stage and do what it takes to create the perfect canvas for a buyer to imagine themselves living there. Regardless if the home is older or new, it always needs some vision so the next owner can imagine their family living there.”

Who are some Women in Business you admire?

“Whitney Wolfe Herd, founder and CEO of Bumble. Whitney created a dating app from a woman’s point of view. She turned the tables around and challenged the idea that men hold all the cards—especially when it comes to dating. She has risen to the top of her industry and is wildly successful but making her own rules—all things I admire and focus on when it comes to growing my business and building my platform.”

Which personality traits are most important to be successful in your field?

“In real estate you obviously have to be outgoing and enjoy working with people. But that only takes you so far. I feel you need an ability to read and understand what your client needs and wants—and not only deliver it but create a successful match for them. People want to feel they are understood without having to explain every detail and that their desired goal will be accomplished while they enjoy the process.

You also need to be good at negotiating so you can achieve the best price possible when selling. My personality traits combined with those skills are a winning combination for me … and my clients!”

What challenges are specific to your industry?

“My industry is highly competitive, and in a community like the South Bay we have an abundance of Realtors. Many people have family ties or a long-standing network to help create business, so starting from scratch as I did when I relocated here from Canada presented the biggest challenge to break into an already saturated industry.”

What is your favorite networking tool or activity?

“I go out in the world and really ‘do me.’ Whether that is walking my dogs, having dinner with friends or going to an event at my sons’ school. Building a community and connection with others gives me life, and within that space comes networking on many levels.”

What could women be doing to better advance their careers?

“I think women have been taught to believe we have limitations, and achieving hefty goals isn’t really an option. Times are definitely changing, but I think we need to stand strong in what we desire and want to accomplish. We are deeply powerful, and oftentimes we feel a need to dim our light for others. Now is the time to turn up the shine!”

When did you move to this area?

“I moved to Manhattan Beach three years ago with my two boys, Logan, 13, and Talin, 11, from Canada. After two years spent obtaining a work visa and feverishly researching the right community to raise my boys, we began a new chapter here in the South Bay and never looked back! We are all extremely happy living in this little slice of paradise we call home.”

Tell us about your passion for rescuing dogs.

“I am a HUGE animal lover and dedicate a ton of personal time to volunteering in the dog rescue world. I do everything from fostering to placing dogs in forever homes, transporting dogs, and of course donating and fundraising. To date I have helped place over 150 dogs into loving environments. Whether it’s matching dogs with families or clients with their ideal homes, helping make that perfect connection is my passion.”