Christine Petti, MD, FACS

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    Palos Verdes Plastic Surgery Medical Center, Inc. | Spa Bella Medical Day Spa

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    3400 West Lomita Boulevard, Suite 305, Torrance

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As a young child, Christine Petti learned from her cosmetologist mother that looking good often means feeling good. So it was no surprise that she chose to work in the beauty industry herself—as a board- certified plastic surgeon.

“What a privilege for me to be a plastic surgeon. I am grateful each day that I chose this blessed profession.”

Dr. Petti is passionate about enhancing and preserving the unique attractiveness of people and things all around her: her home, her garden, her own appearance and, of course, that of her patients. “I am obsessed with beauty—natural and enhanced,” she says. “You deserve to be preserved!”

She trained at the University of Chicago and opened Palos Verdes Plastic Surgery Medical Center in 1990. Realizing that her patients were also interested in minimally invasive and noninvasive rejuvenating services, she opened Spa Bella Medical Day Spa in 1998. She and her team are honored year after year with “Best Cosmetic Surgeon” and “Best Medical Spa” awards and recognition.

One of Dr. Petti’s specific areas of expertise is plastic surgery for the modern man. “There are anatomical and physiological differences between men and women,” she explains. “I can vary my surgical and nonsurgical technique so it is specific and customized to both the male and female face and body.”

Dr. Petti is driven by her love for all things lovely and her passion to help others look and feel their best. Most days find her sharing tricks of the trade with her friends and patients about how to make their skin glow, their hair grow, their eyes sparkle, and their body and face look natural and youthful. As the Face of Beauty of the South Bay, she knows that true beauty is far more than skin deep.