Cindy Shearin

Cindy Shearin has spent 30 years as a real estate professional in the South Bay. Her company, The Shearin Group, is affiliated with Strand Hill | Christie’s International Real Estate. In addition to being a Realtor®, Cindy is also a designer and a developer.

What makes you a South Bay real estate expert?

“In my 30-year career, I have acquired comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of the industry. I raised a family here and learned the unique characteristics of the various South Bay communities, especially the school systems. In addition, I can evaluate value on a block-by-block basis—something no algorithm can do.”

What are some ways you gain the trust of your clients?

“Our clients are our #1 priority. My success depends upon always having my client’s best interest at heart. I will definitely recommend that my client walks away from a contract or negotiation that does not adequately serve his or her needs. Over the years, I have earned the trust of many people whom I have represented throughout their lives; I become the ‘family’ Realtor. As a result, after three decades my network is immense.”

What is the #1 way you save your clients money?

“My unique combination of skills provides numerous opportunities for me to save my clients money and maximize their returns: design, real estate marketing, ground-up construction, development and financing. I have an eye for staging a home to sell or evaluating the pros and cons that are key when a client is buying a home. I have subs and contractors who are available to assist with small to large rehabs and can help a client see the potential in a contemplated purchase.”

What else sets you apart as a Realtor?

“We are consistently in the Top 1% of Realtors in the nation, while I locally rank #2 in transactions through our parent firm Strand Hill | Christie’s International, giving me a global reach in 47 countries and 1,350s office worldwide. Also, The Shearin Group generates staggering numbers on social media through our exclusive platforms Haute Residence, The Fourhundred and Luxury Realtor. We boost monthly viewership and exposure to upwards of 3 million viewers/subscribers. We design the most effective marketing program for all the homes we represent, and we personally expend an unmatched effort to understand, identify and then find the types of homes our clients desire to purchase.”