CK Design Studio 

Describe the featured project.

This project was so fun to design. The personalities of the clients shine through these photos. Playful, energetic, eclectic, yet still peaceful and grounded. They wanted me to design the space in a way that you want to go inside and simply relax and hang out with them. More about living and not about showing. No frills, no trends, just interpret the existing state of the home and give it some liveliness. The clients made a massive impact on my life, and I only hope to have done the same.

What have been your proudest moments during the recent crisis?

Being able to continue to adapt and thrive in the midst of these hardships. To lean on my family and colleagues to work our way through the changes and navigate these new and unknown roads. I am proud to have worked in an industry that was considered “essential.” I watched our amazing contractors and their teams work so hard through the challenges while continuing to make our beautiful designs come to life flawlessly.

Build new or remodel?

New build. Period. However, some people don’t have the budget to embark on a new build. If you are in a position to choose and are on the fence, I would lean toward tearing that baby down and starting fresh. There are many problems you can run into with remodels and unforeseen issues within the walls. It might wind up costing more than what you initially hoped for. So if you embark on a remodel, make sure you are well-equipped financially so it is a more enjoyable, less stressful process.

What are the most exciting interior colors you’re seeing this season?

Absolutely loving a more muted and moody palette. Olive tones, terra-cotta, ivory, mustard tones, wintery blues. Such a dramatic and gorgeous change.

What is on your bucket list this year?

Hopefully this year we can travel! I say we all take those much-needed vacations and get out of town! I know when those European gates open, I’ll be the first in line and coming back with some fresh, fashion-forward Euro design.


Photographed by Daniel Solomon Photography | Headshot by Figlewicz Photography