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Above: Aita Family—Colin, Malia, Allie, Kainoa

A Los Angeles native, Colin Aita lives and works in the South Bay and has been a licensed real estate agent for nearly seven years. He played baseball at the University of San Francisco, followed by three years of Independent Minor League ball. Colin joined Strand Hill Properties in 2017.

How do you help your clients beat the competition?

“I’ve always known the importance and power of treating other agents well—it goes a long way when representing both sellers and buyers. When representing sellers, being honest and upfront about correct pricing based on current buyer behavior is key to selling a home. Sometimes it’s not what they want to hear, but when their home sells at a great price while other similar homes sit on the market, they are always happy with the results and just as happy to refer business.”

What are the challenges of buying or selling a home during a pandemic?

“The most obvious challenges include safety and availability. Sellers and buyers are much more cautious about letting people into their homes or visiting homes for sale, and rightfully so. As long as all the protocols are adhered to, it can all be done safely and just as well as pre-pandemic.”

What advice would you give a brand-new real estate agent?

“The real world isn’t Million Dollar Listing. TV makes it look so easy and fun … and when you work with great clients and have a great sale, it is a lot of fun. But behind the scenes and in the reality of unscripted real estate, most of your time won’t be cashing six-figure commission checks. Make sure you ask a ton of questions, study the contracts associated with transactions and tell everybody you know that you are an agent.”

What do you love about your job?

“I love working with great people. When you have mutual respect, trust and a true partnership, everything just flows. I’ve been very fortunate to have incredible clients throughout my career, and just about all of those clients have become friends. Having sellers and buyers sincerely thank me for my hard work in representing them is a great feeling.”

What are your favorite ways to unplug when you’re off work?

“My family is everything to me, so whether it’s spending a day at the beach, coaching my kids’ sports teams or just spending time together at home, my favorite downtime includes my wife and kids. International travel and visiting my parents and sister in Northern California used to be at the top of that list as well, so we cannot wait to get back to normal and resume those irreplaceable moments and memories.”