Corey Huebner

  • Age


  • School

    Ambassador Christian School

  • City

    Manhattan Beach

  • Photographed by

    Tameka Jacobs

  • Special Section

    Making Their Mark

“Our world is filled with incredible diversity, and everyone’s story should be heard and valued.”

What do you believe is your mission in life?

“I believe my mission in life is to help save the planet from climate change. Next fall I will matriculate at Dartmouth College, where I plan to major in environmental studies and conduct sustainability and climate change research. Ultimately, I want to be a global environmental leader who helps unify others toward saving Earth.”

What are you doing to make a difference in this world?

“I wrote and published a 326-page research book, Finding a Sustainable Path, available on Amazon. The book analyzes the best and worst environmental practices and policies from 14 countries I visited. I truly hope to inspire others in my generation to become climate activists too, as there is much work to be done to change the tide—literally.  

Last summer I had the privilege of conducting lab research with chemistry professor Arthur Tinoco at the University of Puerto Rico under a National Institute of Health grant. The research involved finding the potential of Titanium(IV) in treating diabetes.”

How long have you lived in the South Bay? 

“I was born in New York, and I grew up mostly in Alabama. However, after my mother unexpectedly passed away in 2015, I moved to the South Bay to live with my aunt and uncle and their three kids. While I miss the lush forests of Alabama, I am happy to call the South Bay and the beach home.”

What achievement are you most proud of?

“I am most proud of being accepted into my dream college. I have wanted to go to Dartmouth since I was young. My mother often told me that with hard work, I could achieve great things. All the hard work of the past four years allowed me to reach those high expectations set by her. But more importantly, I am honoring my mother’s memory because I promised her I would always be the best version of myself.”

What’s the best thing about your school?

“I was attracted to the school’s discussion-based learning environment, small class sizes and faith-based community. I love how the Ambassador faculty focuses deeply on students’ potential—looking to bring out the best in each student. In ninth grade I expressed an interest in environmental science research, so the head of the science department worked with me on weekends supervising my independent research project on microplastics. The school also added research-specific AP courses and recommended me for summer coursework at Harvard. Both helped me build my research skills. 

Ambassador also has plenty of leadership opportunities. I serve as associated student body president, cocaptain of varsity basketball and founder of three student clubs.”

Tell us about the awards and honors you have received.

“I was honored to be named a Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholar and invited to their Youth Leadership Institute, an honor bestowed to only 5% of more than 8,000 college-bound applicants nationwide. In addition, I received the Hispanic Recognition and AP Scholar with Distinction awards from the College Board, and I am a candidate for the AP Capstone Diploma. In Boys Scouts of America, I earned my Eagle Scout rank and the Silver Palm Award. At Ambassador, I earned departmental excellence awards in math and research.”

What sports do you play regularly?

“As cocaptain, I led our varsity basketball team to our division’s CIF playoffs this year. While we didn’t make it to the finals, the experience was exhilarating after seven years of playing team basketball. I also enjoy swimming and water polo.”

Do you volunteer for a nonprofit organization? 

“I cofounded International Support for the Impacted with family members—a nonprofit that fights food insecurity by providing food aid grants to individuals struggling to feed their families in developing countries due to COVID-19-related loss of work.”

How can we fight discrimination and promote inclusivity?

“Always be open to learning, listening and hearing others’ perspectives. Our world is filled with incredible diversity, and everyone’s story should be heard and valued. If more people appreciated and celebrated our differences, there would be more inclusivity and less strife in the world.”

What do you do to reduce stress in your life?

“Nature is my sanctuary, so you will find me de-stressing by hiking, walking on the beach or heading to a local park.”