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South Bay Realtor® Daniel Assayag has been actively practicing real estate for more than 13 years, specializing in the Palos Verdes Peninsula and Beach Cities markets. He works with clients through Vista Sotheby’s International Realty, facilitating the purchase and sale of commercial, investment and residential properties. Daniel earned his bachelor’s degree in political science from Loyola Marymount University. 

What do you love most about your job?

“Most Realtors would tell you that they get to see some beautiful homes. Sure, I have had the distinct opportunity to show and tour some of the most expensive homes Los Angeles and the South Bay have to offer. However, at the end of the day it’s the same old cheeseburger.

Where my passion for the job truly lies is when I get to see the expression on my clients’ faces when I let them know their offer has been accepted on their dream home, and I get to deliver the keys. Or I tell my seller that we received multiple over-asking offers on their home in a bidding war. Watching their faces light up is priceless to me. Getting to see these incredible homes is just a bonus.”

What is your agency known for? 

“Vista Sotheby’s International Realty is known as a high-end real estate brokerage. We are also known for our global reach—being able to market and advertise to buyers at an international level.”

What are key factors for finding a good fit when choosing a broker to work with?

“Excellent question! I can’t stress enough how important finding the right broker to work with is. Keep in mind, a typical escrow is 30 days, which means that for 30 days you will be in constant contact with your broker (probably daily) and probably talking to them more than your spouse. Your broker will discuss your private finances and assets. This will be a relationship, and like any relationship, trusting your broker is absolutely paramount for a good fit. So if you don’t trust them or feel like you’re not compatible with them, break up with them … seriously!”

What are the benefits of a career in real estate? 

“While we do have the luxury of being able to make our own hours, ask any top-producing broker and they will tell you that they work more hours than a full-time job. However, we do have the freedom of being able to take vacations and trips at our leisure without having to put it past a boss. Another benefit is that so many of my clients have become some of my closest of friends; we even vacation together!”

What does it take to become a top earner in your field? 

“Selling real estate is a competitive business, but the reality is that you’re really not in competition with anyone other than yourself. Sure, hard work, dedication, grit and great negotiation skills are essential in this business to become a top earner. However, one thing you’ll find in common with any top earner—in any profession—is that they are always looking to improve their craft and/or trade. So I am always looking for ways to improve my business, my customer service and staying at the forefront of new technology to go over and beyond and give my clients the best service they deserve.”

Why is real estate such a profitable, stable market? 

“The South Bay is a very special market. It encapsulates so many amazing qualities—from the clean ocean air we breathe to the incredible school districts to the laid-back lifestyle. It truly is paradise. There is a scarce, finite amount of land here for sale, and everyone is trying to get a piece of it. This lack of inventory will always keep profits and prices high. As the famous American author Mark Twain once said, ‘Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.’”

Do you anticipate that every property will feature a virtual home tour? 

“No. It’s already starting to fade out now that we’re out of lockdown. However, I found the feedback from my clients to be that they found it helpful, so I will continue to market my listings with virtual homes tours.”

Have you seen a recent increase in first-time home purchases? What about multifamily real estate purchases? 

“Absolutely, in both first-time homebuyers and in multifamily purchases. With interest rates at historic lows, buyers are capitalizing on this.”

What do you predict will happen with mortgage rates in 2022?

“The economy is recovering, and interest rates are already starting to creep up. I expect there to be at least two to three more rate hikes this year.”

How do you feel about working as a dual agent? 

“A lot of Realtors struggle in this area, and I can see why. California is one of the few states that allow you to practice as a dual agent, since it’s inherently a conflict of interest to both parties. As long as you’re being transparent to both sides and know what you’re doing, I see no problem with it.”