Daryn T. Nishikawa, DDS, Inc

Services Offered
  • Preventive, restorative & cosmetic dentistry
  • Special care dentistry
  • Sports dentistry
  • Implants

“Having the ability to problem-solve each patient’s unique concern or condition is always very rewarding.”


I have been a dentist for more than 10 years, but I have owned my practice for just over three years. Both my parents are in the field of dentistry. My dad is a dentist, and my mom is a dental hygienist. Being a second-generation dentist, I was given a good foundation of what it took to be a professional and helpful health care provider. I mainly enjoyed watching them develop relationships with their patients and take such pride in their tasks at hand.


One of the most unique features of our practice stems from my advanced training in special care dentistry. We provide advanced comprehensive general dentistry for patients with severe medical, physical and mental problems, such as pre- and post-organ transplant patients, cancer patients, immunocompromised patients and adult special care individuals. We also provide dental services under IV sedation for patients unable to receive treatment in a routine dental setting, thanks to some of the best dental anesthesiologists in Los Angeles County.


My career is still in its early stages and I hope that my story is still being written, but having the ability to problem-solve each patient’s unique concern or condition is always very rewarding. Knowing that I can help those who can’t necessarily help themselves is one of the main reasons I chose my profession and why I focus a good amount of my efforts on tending to individuals who require special care dentistry. Providing access to care in my own private practice and trying to be an advocate for individuals with special needs (and their  families)—who otherwise would need to be seen and treated in a hospital setting—is very rewarding in itself. The ultimate fulfillment for me would be if I can help motivate and inspire other dentists and future dentists to understand the needs of these individuals and their families and to be willing and able to provide the same level of care as the rest. 


Listening is one of the most important skills for being a good health care professional. I was taught by a mentor that if you listen and understand where a patient has come from and where they want to go (medically and dentally), you will be able to better meet their needs and provide them with the best and most personalized care possible. The skills of effective listening, developing a personal relationship, and providing reassurance and encouragement throughout a patient’s dental journey are some of the many ways we try to help individuals feel confident about the care they are receiving. We truly try to make everyone feel like they are family and friends. We have found that simple conversations go a long way!

2022 GOALS  

Every year my professional goals mirror many of my personal and family goals. Whether it was when I was an associate for various practices or currently as a practice owner, I always want to make sure I continue to treat people right, stay humble and be someone they can always trust. Doing good work, performing services and achieving outcomes that my team, my family and I can be proud of are also motivating factors for why I stay so dedicated to my craft. Most importantly, I continue to try to be a better person, family man and team member, and simply enjoy life!