Daryn T. Nishikawa,
DDS, Inc.

Services Offered

  • General, cosmetic & preventive dentistry
  • Special care dentistry
  • Sports dentistry
  • Implant & restorative dentistry
  • Sedation dentistry

“I chose to build my practice and serve the South Bay because this is simply home.”


I chose to build my practice and serve the South Bay because this is simply home. Growing up helping my dad in his dental practice in Torrance, I always dreamed of following in his footsteps. After meeting my wife, Camille, in dental school, we quickly realized that we wanted to settle down in the South Bay. Once we welcomed our son, Broderick, we knew the South Bay would be our forever home. Building a practice surrounded by family and friends has been a dream come true.


I empower patients to improve their health by creating an “equal” relationship through information and encouragement. I help patients gain control of their lives by providing information that is reliable, relevant and understandable and by truly respecting their wishes. This also increases their ability to act on situations that they define as important. We believe in patient-centered health care—creating a comprehensive plan for each patient that caters to their unique needs, preferences and autonomy.  


The two fields I am most passionate about are special care and sports dentistry. One of the most unique features of our practice stems from my advanced training in special care dentistry. We provide advanced comprehensive dentistry for patients who may have severe medical, physical or mental problems, including organ transplant and cancer patients, immunocompromised individuals and adults who require special care. For patients unable to receive treatment in a routine dental setting, we can provide dental services under IV sedation with the aid of some of the best dental anesthesiologists around.

Sports dentistry holds a special place in my heart because it gives me the unique opportunity to give back to our country by supporting Team USA, Olympic and Paralympic athletes. Volunteering and working with the Los Angeles Football Club—a Major League Soccer team—for more than five seasons has been an amazing experience as well. I have been fortunate and honored to work with some of the top physicians and trainers in the league to keep our favorite athletes on the field!


I combine work activities with leisure, social or other activities when possible. I end work at a certain time and try not to bring it home. I enjoy vacations and hobbies, like playing golf and working out, and spending time with my wife, son, dog and friends. Most importantly, I get to take my son to school every day, and I am home to eat dinner with my wife and tuck my son in every night for bed.