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Deborah Naumovski and Gulshen Kaur are Realtors© who help commercial clients in sales, leasing and management. They work with RPM Commercial Real Estate, a firm that specializes in managing and generating wealth for their clients’ portfolios. RPM has offices in El Segundo and Las Vegas.

Deborah is from Redondo Beach and graduated from Loyola Marymount Univer-sity. She worked as a project manager for various software companies where she managed projects that had product sales of more than $5 billion. She officially entered the field of real estate in 2011 but has been helping her parents with their commercial and residential real estate investments since the early ’90s.

Gulshen’s focus is commercial real estate sales with a concentration in investment sales, landlord services and leasing. She spent more than 20 years working in product management, product development and supply chain sourcing in the garment, cosmetic and textile industries. She has an international background, having lived in Malaysia, England and Ireland before relocating to the United States.

What makes you stand out?

“Is it crazy to want to work with Realtors who are trustworthy, hardworking, honest, collaborative and sincere? We provide all of this and much more with a little fun in the mix. We are DnG, the key to all your real estate needs (DnG = Deborah and Gulshen).”

Which personality traits are most important to be successful in your field?

“Understanding our client’s motivation by really listening to their needs and focusing on what is important to them is the key. We are in a service business, so if we don’t provide exceptional service to our clients and put their needs first, we won’t be successful.”

How do you combat the fear of making wrong decisions from day to day?

“Making a decision allows room for change and learning, which is how we continue to grow. Fear is paralyzing and doesn’t serve our clients or ourselves. So we take a deep breath, remind ourselves of the objective, review our options with our clients and then come to a decision. It is a process that continues until the deal is done.”

What is your favorite networking tool or activity?

“We are outgoing and enjoy connecting with people. It energizes us and reminds us why we chose to be in real estate. It is great having a casual conversation with someone, but the secret is to take the time to make sincere connections—which usually turns into lasting friendships.”

How has having A mentor influenced your success?

“Having a mentor has given us the opportunity to spread our wings and explore all avenues in commercial real estate! We specifically moved to RPM Commercial Real Estate to work with the broker/owner Danny Raffle. He is truly an amazing guy who is always available, a great teacher and mentor, and he has communicated that his primary goal for us is to make us successful in all of our ventures.”

Tell us about some of the women in business whom you admire.

“Luckily we are fortunate to be surrounded by a lot of successful and talented women in business! Most of our closest friends and family have achieved success, and they have a great work/life balance. We are all mutually supportive of each other’s careers. These amazing women include but are not limited to Sarah Richardson, Laurie Conklin, Silvia Suarez, Sally Rowshan, Tanya Raasch, Melissa Mueller, Rathna Kedilaya, Gina Magee and our personal favorite, Deborah’s mom Nikolina Naumovski.”

What is the best part of your day?

“It is just like that cliché says: If you love what you do, then it’s not work—especially when you get to work every day with your best friend. How can it get better than that? Actually, we celebrate every win/milestone with a dance party to Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’! Participation by clients is optional but encouraged.”

What could women be doing to better advance their careers?

“Women should embrace all the wonderful traits of being a woman and focus on doing the best in their chosen profession. There is a saying: ‘Anything can be learned as long as it doesn’t defy the law of gravity.’ Being a woman doesn’t defy the laws of gravity, so we can achieve anything!”

Tell us about your ideal day off.

“It varies. Staying active is important, so even on a day off we try to get in a workout. Otherwise you may find us taking a bike ride at the beach, grabbing a drink at one of our local spots with friends, golfing, cooking, hosting a game night, playing poker, having a spa day or just having a chance to be goofy or relax at home.”

Photographed at Shade Hotel Redondo Beach