Dior Naylor

What achievements are you most proud of?

“I am most proud of being selected as a Posse Scholar. I was granted a full-tuition four-year scholarship at Tulane University. The Posse Foundation scholarship is based on leadership, and 90 of 2,200 students from Southern California are chosen to attend a partnering school. I am excited to see what leadership opportunities I will be able to participate in next.”

What’s your advice for how to fight discrimination and promote inclusivity?

“Start teaching equity, diversity and inclusion at younger ages. Kids are not taught about the social and economic differences in race and ethnicity until they are older, and by then it is far too late.”

What do you think you want to do for work in the future?

“I aspire to be an OB-GYN.”

What is unique about Gen Z?

“We understand the power of our voices. We believe that change is possible, and we are not scared to speak about the generational trauma that is affecting the world today.”

How would your closest friends or family members describe you?

“Goofy, smart, hardworking, outspoken, extroverted.”

What’s the best thing about school?

“Vistamar is a place where you are cherished for being different. At a school focused on student-based learning, you always have a sense of belonging and community.”