Dr. Cindy P. Chun

Founded in 1961, Peninsula Heritage School serves kindergarten through eighth grade students. Under the direction of head of school Dr. Cindy Chun, Peninsula Heritage welcomes students who represent diversity in ethnicity, backgrounds and talents from Palos Verdes and throughout the South Bay, as well as international exchange students.

Tell us about your new position with CAIS.

While I continue as head of school at Peninsula Heritage, I have been selected to serve on the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) board of directors. CAIS accredits nonprofit independent schools, holding member schools accountable to high standards of curriculum, care for students and management of resources while providing ongoing training and networking opportunities for school leaders. I will work with the board setting the standards to which schools are held and ensuring that CAIS continues to proceed effectively. I am so honored and look forward to being a part of the leadership team of our accrediting organization and to giving small schools a voice on the bigger stage.

What would you like us to know about your school?

Peninsula Heritage School prides itself on cultivating learners who are poised to be compassionate innovators of the future. With the skills, intellectual curiosity and strength of character they develop during their years at our school, our graduates flourish in the South Bay’s most challenging high schools—and in their lives thereafter.

Our small class sizes provide each teacher and associate teacher the opportunity to assess every child’s academic, social and emotional profile and continually create engaging programs that maximize each student’s learning. Parents frequently express their appreciation for our caring attitude and our teachers’ connection with their students and genuine interest in their progress and success.

How does your school empower students?

Students can exercise their decision-making skills in all areas of the curriculum. Classroom discussions and authentic writing opportunities enable students to express their views and decisions, and opinions are carefully discussed and honored. Individual students’ passions and areas of personal focus are celebrated, and teachers provide encouragement and resources to further knowledge acquisition in these selected areas. We understand that the foundation of a successful student is a happy child who knows they are valued.

Tell us about your background.

I am a native Hawaiian. I have a deep sense of family and an “aloha spirit.” I’ve been an independent school educator and administrator for more than 20 years and consider myself a lifelong learner, a world traveler and always a teacher at heart. I teach a class every year to stay connected with the students.