Eden LA Interiors


If you have sweeping views, it’s important to keep your interior palette neutral so as not to detract from them. Remember, you’ve got an entire wall of sea and sky (or verdant hills). The eye should never stop but should wander around the space.


Maximize your space in as many ways as possible. Ask your designer for unique ideas to harmonize flow and spatial reasoning. Be creative! Many functional pieces can do “double duty.”

Laundry rooms should be as fun as possible! Because laundry is generally less than a party, make your laundry room a treat to be in with fun colors and patterns.

I love a counter-to-ceiling mirror with sconces embedded to bounce natural light throughout a bathroom. Try to convince your contractor to embed mirrored medicine cabinets into the mirror too. They won’t like it, but it can be done!

Photographed by Kim Pritchard