Eden LA Interiors 

Describe the project.

The clients bought this house just after we finished their last one! The wife was very trepidatious because the architecture is very masculine, early 2000s, and modern with multiple levels on each floor and cherry wood/concrete accents. Her husband convinced her to go along with the move by saying, “But we have Jamie! She’ll make it perfect for us!” And so we did—a full cosmetic overhaul throughout, and now it’s a light and bright beach modern home for five. The family is extremely happy there.

What do you want potential clients to know about the services you offer?

We offer full remodels or new construction design, but we also take on smaller jobs. If you’re wanting a primary bedroom overhaul or a guest bath redone, we can help. We’re taking on more hospitality work these days, so hit us up for any restaurants, boutique hotels or fun businesses you’re working on. 

Tell us about some of your favorite home AND garden features.

Hot tip: Plants have been our secret weapon since we started EdenLA in 2009. If your place needs a little life, bring a plant home. If you’ve got two black thumbs or travel constantly, hit us up for the most realistic-looking silk plants. Another great investment is water features in outdoor spaces. I love the sound of running water to create a zen, calming environment for everyone in the family. 

What are your favorite sources of inspiration in your work?

Our clients and their loves, quirks, stories and histories are our #1 source of inspiration. I studied cultural anthropology at the graduate level, so infusing our clients’ personalities and perspectives is an essential part of my process. Every human is beautifully unique, and their home should reflect that.

In what ways do you think our homes impact our mental health?

In every conceivable way! Our homes are a reflection of our mental states, and it works both ways: When a space is harmonious and filled with only items that bring us joy, our mind is given free rein to follow suit. If your “sanctuary” doesn’t please you, it is more challenging to maintain a harmoniously joyful state of mind.

How does your business give back?

Oh, we love giving back! We sponsor a baseball team in the Hermosa Little League. We recently volunteered our time and resources to completely remodel the teachers lounge at Hermosa Valley School, and now we’re doing the same for Robinson Elementary in Manhattan Beach. Our teachers deserve the love! Also, kind of a big deal: We’ve begun a collaboration with Mercy Beyond Borders, and 10% of all our proceeds this year are going to their initiatives to save girls from forced marriages in terribly impoverished areas. Look them up at mercybeyondborders.org.

Photographed by Kim Pritchard (headshot & project)