EdenLA Interiors

Describe the featured project.

A mixture of materials defines these spaces and makes them all “wow” environments for the very pleased South Bay clients. Custom bespoke art with custom chairs, chunky stone with soft linens, and funky bronze sculptures keep the eyes moving and hearts happy.

What’s the most important thing for readers to know about you and your firm?

Our process is unique in that we spend a lot of time in the beginning really trying to understand the clients’ needs and desires. We design for our clients, rather than having a “signature aesthetic.” We ask tons of questions about lifestyle, taste and budget, and many photos are exchanged before we start a project. Our goal is to give clients their hope for their home—only far beyond what they even knew was possible.

Tell us about the value of collaboration in this industry.

Our firm couldn’t be as successful without all of the wonderful South Bay colleagues we have. From tile and stone to landscape architects, handymen, flooring installers, custom upholsterers and cabinet makers … these strongly cemented relationships are based on years of dealing with only the best crews with the highest integrity in words and results. They help us deliver what we promise to our clients!

What do clients say about you?

My clients all say how fun it is to work with us yet how comfortable they feel with our efficient way of getting things done! We’ve been doing this many years and are always working on several projects at once. We have to be organized and efficient or we wouldn’t be successful. Our clients really appreciate how we take the stress out of redecorating or remodeling, and they let us know all the time.

What are you proudest of in your work?

I’m always proudest to receive new clients by referral. (Which is most of our clients.) That means we’ve done our best for a former client, and they were so happy that they referred their nearest and dearest loved ones to us. Also, birds of a feather flock together! So I always know I’m going to love to work with the friend of someone with whom I already have a great professional relationship.

Why do you live in the South Bay?

Because I can! It’s an incredible area with a small-town vibe, right in the middle of Los Angeles. Gorgeous restaurants, beautiful beaches, little to no traffic and incredible people. It’s a no-brainer, and every day I am grateful that life led me here so many years ago. It’s an wonderful community, and I am beyond proud to be a fixture in the community here.


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