Edward Jones

As a financial advisor for Edward Jones, Audrey Stansbury helps local families meet their financial goals, including retirement plans, insurance needs, education savings and estate considerations. Audrey joined Edward Jones in 2004 and was named a limited partner in 2014 and a principal of the firm in 2022. Edward Jones has nearly 19,000 financial advisors with offices in all 50 states and more than 8 million clients.

What is a common money mistake people make?

Letting their emotions get in the way of their long-term goals. There have been several times when the stock market has dropped more than 20% in a one-year period, including the environment we currently are in. This is when the average investor tends to sell, rather than stick to their long-term investment goals. I coach my clients to remember these goals and, if it makes sense, use a dip in the market as a buying opportunity.

What is the most popular service you offer?

Retirement planning is the most popular and perhaps the most important service we offer. My approach to retirement planning is comprehensive, starting with where my clients are today and where they would like to be when they retire. I look at their entire financial picture: income sources, liabilities, necessary and discretionary spending, tax bracket, assets and current savings rate. Then we can determine the likelihood that they will meet their retirement goal and partner over their lifetime to make sure they remain on track toward this goal.  

Describe your ideal client.

Someone I can connect with emotionally and have a lifelong relationship with—getting to know them, understanding their unique situation and what is most important to them, and working to achieve their goals. My ideal client is local because I understand the challenges and opportunities of our area. I am passionate about making a real difference in my clients’ lives.

What do you wish all clients would do regularly?

I wish all my clients would be prepared for the unexpected: enough money in emergency funds, life insurance to make sure loved ones are covered in a time of tragedy, up-to-date estate documents such as a will and/or a trust. This is especially important with the recent market fluctuation in 2022. Being prepared with assets on the sideline allows individuals to keep their long-term investments in the market without having to liquidate when the market is down.  Disclaimer: Edward Jones, Member SIPC