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    Audrey A. Stansbury, CFP®, AAMS®

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    1230 Rosecrans Ave., Suite 290, Manhattan Beach

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    Trusted Advisors

As a financial advisor for Edward Jones, Audrey Stansbury helps families meet their financial goals, including planning for retirement, insurance needs, education savings and estate considerations. Audrey joined Edward Jones in 2004 and was named a limited partner in 2014.

Why do your clients consider you their trusted advisor?

“At Edward Jones, I take a holistic approach to financial strategies. All of my clients meet with me face-to-face so I can really know them and understand what is most important to them. We use an established process for building personalized strategies to help clients achieve their goals. We determine where they are today by assessing their risk tolerance and discuss where they would like to be, such as a desired retirement date. I look at their entire financial picture: income sources, liabilities, necessary and discretionary spending, tax bracket, assets and current savings rates. From this comprehensive assessment, we can determine the likelihood that they will meet their goal. Then we partner throughout their life to help keep them on track toward their goal.”

Did you have a virtual practice in place before the COVID-19 pandemic? Will you continue to utilize it?

“Before COVID-19, our firm was prepared for all financial advisors to work remotely. When the pandemic began, those financial advisors who were at risk or uncomfortable coming into the office were able to work from home with full access to our operating systems. We already had the ability to conduct virtual meetings with our clients who lived in other states. During the pandemic, we have been able to perfect our virtual meetings, and I think many clients will continue to meet this way.”

What is your #1 piece of advice during this unprecedented time?

“This year, investors have dealt with a lot of market fluctuation in a short period of time. Make sure your emotions don’t get in the way of your long-term goals. There have been several times, even this century, when the market has dropped 20% or more in a one-year period. This is when average investors tend to sell—when things start to feel uncomfortable—rather than sticking to their long-term investment goals. I coach my clients to remember their long-term goals and, if it makes sense, use a dip in the market as a buying opportunity. I also believe that everyone should work with a financial advisor to guide them through these unprecedented times to keep them on track toward their goals.”

What should someone look for in a trusted advisor?

“Someone you can build a long-term relationship with and someone you can trust with all aspects of your planning.”