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    Top: Dr. Weslynne Rosa, Dr. Claire Delcambre Middle: Ariel Andrade-Trevett, Taylor Hawkins Front: Dr. Andrea Mathieux

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Services Offered

  • Sports & orthopedic rehabilitation
  • Pregnancy & postpartum rehabilitation
  • Pelvic floor physical therapy
  • Injury prevention
  • Pain management
  • Post-operative rehabilitation
  • Concussion management
  • Return to sport programming

“We want our patients to live their lives as fully as possible.”

About the Team

We don’t shy away from personal topics. We want our patients to live their lives as fully as possible, and to support them in doing so, we provide a space where TMI doesn’t exist. We understand that many topics related to pelvic floor function may not be comfortable to talk about, but we are here to have those conversations and provide you with information and solutions that are effective and that optimize your health for many years to come.

Supporting Seniors

As a physical therapy clinic, we serve many older adults to help them age with more strength, better posture and better balance so they can maintain their independence and prevent falls, injury and pain. We often treat our aging population for incontinence, a common cause of UTIs. Did you know that UTIs are the leading cause of nursing home admissions? This is because they can cause dementia-like symptoms in older adults. These symptoms go away once the UTI is addressed but are dangerous for older adults because they can lead to falls or unsafe actions.

While there are many ways to address incontinence, we recommend starting with increasing your water intake. The bladder is a muscle and has to be worked like any other. The more you drink, the more conditioned your bladder will be. The recommended amount of water intake is half your body weight in ounces. 

Aging-related Changes to the Pelvic Floor

Our pelvic floor is a group of muscles responsible for bladder and bowel control. Those muscles can become weaker with age, reducing our ability to maintain continence. Other changes that can affect our pelvic floor function include prostate hypertrophy in men (when the prostate grows in size), changes in blood flow, and menopausal changes like loss of estrogen in women. These changes can lead to urinary or fecal incontinence, incomplete or slow bladder emptying, decreased libido, difficulty with arousal or orgasm and pain with sex.

Women’s Sexual Function

Women should use lubrication with sex to protect tissue and improve the experience! There are all different kinds of lubricants. We like Slippery Stuff, Uberlube and Good Clean Love. Women need at least 13 minutes of foreplay for their vaginal canal to expand for comfortable penetration. If you don’t enjoy foreplay, find something new and fun to try, like a vibrator! We see atrophy of the vulva and clitoris starting in perimenopause, and vibrators are an effective and fun way to maintain healthy tissue and increase blood flow and arousal.

Smaller photos by Lauren “Lo” Checket