Hey Babe Physical Therapy & Wellness

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    1200 Artesia Blvd., Suite 305,
    Hermosa Beach

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    Dr. Weslynne Rosa, Dr. Claire Delcambre, Ariel Andrade-Trevvett

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    Health Professionals

Services Offered

  • Sports & orthopedic rehabilitation
  • Pregnancy & postpartum rehabilitation
  • Pelvic floor physical therapy
  • Injury prevention
  • Post-operative rehabilitation

“We provide a safe space for all to heal.”


We specialize in the rehabilitation of girls and women of all ages for injury prevention, sports, orthopedics, pain and pelvic floor physical therapy. We provide a safe space for all to heal.


There are few things more empowering than knowledge. By spending dedicated and intentional time explaining why you are experiencing your symptoms and working together to identify a path forward, we give you the tools and independence to find your health and strength in a way best suited for you and your goals. 


We understand how chaotic, noisy and crowded it can feel in physical therapy clinics. So we designed a space where each patient has a private room with their therapist so they can freely share their symptoms without being overheard. It is our mission to empower you to live a life filled with strength, resiliency, mobility, function and the tools you need to feel better every day.