Hoffman Murphy Real Estate Team

Beginning their real estate careers in the Beach Cities more than 30 years ago, Realtors® Marie Hoffman and Sue Murphy established the Hoffman Murphy Real Estate Team in 2006. Their prior work in education, corporate finance, and small business development set the stage for them to assist buyers and sellers in a variety of residential and investment transactions.

Describe one of your favorite real estate projects.

“The Hoffman Murphy team specializes in getting the most money for our sellers, and we start with a comprehensive analysis to determine if a home is a candidate for an ‘as-is’ sale, or if the bottom-line profit will increase by making small improvements or even a mini-makeover. One of our favorite projects was a Manhattan Beach home that sat on the market, unsold for weeks and weeks with another company. The sellers hired us to design and manage a makeover for the seriously dated home. The sellers lived out of town; they gave us a key and approved the project, which came in at $75,000. The Hoffman Murphy Team sold the home after only a week on the market, and our sellers netted more than $250,000 additional on their $75,000 investment.”

What is the #1 way you help your clients save money?

“Our #1 money-saving tip is what not to spend money on before you put your home on the market. Our HM Transformation Team has the resources to take on any project. We do all the work, often with no upfront cost to the seller—saving our sellers both time and money.”

What touch does your team add to make a house a home?

“Every home sale is special, and our job is to create an emotional connection between the buyer and the home. It is that emotional connection—the ‘I have to have this house!’ feeling—that creates urgency in buyers and results in a faster sale at a higher price. Our team is expertly trained to create this emotion in the home-preparation process, and we walk through the process step-by-step with every seller to ensure their house feels like ‘home’ to the right buyer.”

Is South Bay real estate still a good investment?

“Having grown up in the South Bay, we have seen exponential growth and change in the local real estate market. Although prices have gone up and down through the years, the 10-year price appreciation trajectory has always been up, and we do not see that changing in the future. Buying and holding real estate for long-term appreciation and cash flow remains a smart investment strategy, both for primary residence and investment properties.”