Innovative Fertility Center

Services Offered


  • Fertility evaluations – male and female
  • Infertility treatments – IUI/IVF/ICSI
  • Egg & embryo freezing
  • Genetic testing – PGT, preconception
  • Family balancing/gender selection
  • LGBTQ+ fertility services
  • Donor services/surrogacy
  • Reproductive surgery center
  • Embryology lab on site

“My practice is best known for the personalized care we provide for each patient.”


When I first started as a general OB-GYN, delivering babies brought me the most joy. Having the honor of being present at one of the most important times in a person’s life always felt like such a privilege. The family’s hopes and dreams delivering into my hands was so intimate and different each time. 

As I grew professionally and sought new challenges, I changed career paths to become double board-certified as an REI (reproductive endocrinology and infertility) specialist. My greatest joy still comes from helping people achieve their reproductive goals, but now it is at the beginning of their reproductive journey.

I am grateful for the opportunity to do a “pregnancy scan” for a patient and show them that they are pregnant—especially patients who have been struggling with infertility for a number of years. Usually, the smiles and laughter are followed by tears of joy and relief. Being a part of the process that allowed them to start or grow their families is truly a privilege. 


My practice is best known for the personalized care we provide for each patient. This is a boutique medical practice, and we view each patient as a whole. We listen to our patients’ reproductive goals, then formulate treatment plans with those goals in mind. I always make sure patients think about the bigger picture—how many children they want and how they envision their future life.

Image of an embryo


In the past, fertility preservation was considered experimental and only offered at academic institutions. Now, more than ever, the field has grown to allow more reproductive equality than ever before possible. Employers are offering fertility care as a benefit, including both egg freezing and embryo freezing so patients can live their dream lives without having to sacrifice their fertility potential.


I have a passion for teaching and helping. I am motivated to make a difference in somebody’s life, whether through medical treatments or education. I continually strive to better myself through education, whether it is with a more advanced degree or by tackling new subject matters that interest me.


If you are thinking about starting a family, preserving your fertility or balancing your family, start now! Age is the #1 factor that determines the outcome. Also, set time limits for different types of treatment regimens. Give enough time for something to work but not so much that other options are no longer available. Don’t make every health decision all-or-nothing. Set small realistic goals because those add up and lead to big changes.