Jaimie Sun Siegel, DVM

Concierge Mobile Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary hospital that meets you and your pet at your home—saving you time and reducing your pet’s stress. Veterinarian and owner Jaimie Sun Siegel (known to her patients as Dr. Jaimie) has worked in animal care since she was 16 years old—starting out cleaning kennels and walking dogs at a large animal hospital. She completed her veterinary degree in 2007 at Western University of Health Sciences and opened Concierge Mobile Animal Hospital in 2015.

Tell us about the women in your industry.

“The veterinary field is more than half female, and veterinary colleges have even higher percentages of women graduating into the field. We are proving to the business world that we are powerful enough, strong enough and fully able to lead. My favorite thing about this movement is that we are still leading with compassion and a feminine presence.”

What is your advice for a woman just starting in your line of work?

“To every little girl who wants to be a vet: Follow that dream, because the world needs you! I knew I wanted to be a veterinarian at 3 years old and never lost sight of that dream. If I could advise any woman who wants to join the animal industry, I would remind them to always take care of themselves first. If you are not mentally and physically healthy, you cannot take care of others. If your brain is not rested, you cannot come up with new ideas. If you do not have a strong support system around you, you can only climb so high. You are the heart, brain and soul of your business; it can be toxic and sick, or it can glow with health and empowerment.”

Where do you find your inspiration? 

“I find inspiration in my patients and their families. Every patient I meet is a new being, both physically and emotionally. Each family has different needs and individual ideas about how their pets and veterinarian fit into that family. I am constantly evolving to meet all these needs.”

Has motherhood made you a better entrepreneur? 

“Motherhood absolutely made me a better entrepreneur and veterinarian. My son taught me to lead with love, above all things, and my business would not be as successful or as popular if I did not constantly use this as my mantra. You cannot be a full-time, single, working mother without being organized, efficient and in control of your world—the perfect business model.”