JDS Outdoor Designs


Maximizing small backyards packed with functional architectural elements is key to making a JDS backyard makeover work. Creating levels makes the yard look bigger and more visually pleasing, plus helps solidify and delineate each usable zone.


There’s a misconception that a prefab jacuzzi makes a yard look cheap and not well-thought-out. We’ve created a system that drops the prefab into the ground, then we design-build architectural elements around it. Huge savings compared to a built-in jacuzzi.

Most backyards should have an overhead canopy to house the kitchen, bar, dining area and lounge. Pergolas like this one are the ideal choice. They create the ultimate indoor-outdoor effect while allowing LED overhead lighting, outdoor heaters and outdoor sound systems. 

A cost-effective way to cover an unsightly stucco wall: a decorative fence that serves as a vine wall trellis, using 2×2 redwood planks spaced out by 2 inches. Add a planter, lights and a Buddha fountain for a focal point.

Project photographed by Peter McMenamin Photography  |  Headshot by Siri Berting