Jenna Atwood, DDS & Madelyne Salo, DDS

Under the direction of Dr. Dean Salo, Dr. Jenna Atwood and Dr. Madelyne Salo are both second-generation dentists providing care for patients at Manhattan Beach Dental Center. They both graduated from University of the Pacific Dugoni School of Dentistry and are active in community service, supporting a number of cancer and women’s charities. Dr. Jenna and Dr. Madelyne actively donate their hours and skills to CDA Cares, which provides free dental care to underprivileged individuals.

Tell us about your practice.

“Our practice is unique in the fact that we provide comprehensive services to our patients. We have many options for the best treatment in the area from oral surgery to periodontics, orthodontics and implants. We are grateful to have the best doctors and surgeons working in all specialties. Our patients get continuity of care, all the doctors are on the same page and we help patients with each step of their treatment as a team.”

What is your dental treatment philosophy?

Dr. Madelyne: “My dental treatment philosophy is to help my patients maintain lifelong dental health and conserve the natural beauty of their teeth. I believe that dental beauty starts with health and great hygiene maintenance.”

Dr. Jenna: “My philosophy is to treat patients with the best care and provide them with all the tools to obtain great oral health. Our office family continually attends lectures and classes on the most up-to-date techniques in dentistry so we are at the cutting edge of new treatment approaches and techniques that help us better care for our patients.”

What fulfills you most about your career?

Dr. Jenna: “Helping patients become more educated about their oral health care is incredibly fulfilling. My goal is not only to fix problems that arise but also to encourage patients to be proactive and take control of their oral health so their overall health is better.”

How can we maintain oral health while staying home more than usual?

Dr. Madelyne: “Oral health is especially important at a time like this, when stress can lead to bad habits that affect your overall health. Brush and floss twice daily. Maintain a healthy diet with limitations on acidic foods. Don’t give in to stress eating. This is also an important time to discuss the proper protection from grinding and clenching due to new stressors that we are feeling. We can assist in preventing additional wear with the appropriate mouthguard appliance and other methods of relief.”