Jenny Morant Group

L to R above: Tyler Morant, Jenny Morant, Devon Stull


The Jenny Morant Group is a team of Realtors® who work under the Compass umbrella, specializing in luxury single-family homes and multi-unit residential income properties. President Jenny Morant has been managing her family’s portfolio of residential units since 2007 and became a Realtor in 2010. She is the fourth generation in her family to work in real estate. She earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and a fashion merchandising degree at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

Vice president Tyler Morant joined the team last summer. He has a diverse business background that includes being a sports agent to X Games and Olympic athletes and working as an attorney for many early-stage start-ups in Silicon Beach and across the country. He graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and Southwestern Law School. Devon Stull is the team’s marketing and operations manager. Originally from Pennsylvania, she earned a bachelor’s degree in business with a specialization in marketing from Pennsylvania State University and has a professional background in customer service and hospitality.

What sets your team apart from your peers?  

“We put our clients’ investment and personal objectives first and foremost, and our team’s diverse strengths directly benefit clients through each phase of the transaction. Jenny’s market knowledge, investment experience, shrewd business judgment and personal network help our buyers identify outstanding properties and our sellers negotiate winning deals. Tyler’s background helps him identify and assess risks for our clients prior to closing and create workable solutions and outcomes to address those risks. His innate ability to read the tea leaves of each deal helps our clients overcome any friction that might prevent a closing and get everyone to ‘yes’ and a faster closing.

Devon’s hyper-organization, outstanding communication skills and cheery disposition help our team efficiently and effortlessly guide our clients through escrow to closing.”

What advice do you have for buyers in the current sellers’ market?  

Jenny: “Play to win the deal. Yes, prices are high right now, but low mortgage interest rates are what buyers should be taking advantage of instead of worrying about the prices. As a buyer, plan to offer more than you think anyone else will offer. The key to making a sound real estate purchase is always leverage, so leverage your financing. Consider shorter-term, interest-only loans to keep your monthly payments down but to kick you up into a higher price point. If you are looking for a deal, older properties that require remodeling are your best bet. Remodels come with more risk (especially right now with the disruptions to the supply chain), but with some slight improvements, the property can provide a quick return on your investment.” 

Tyler: “If you are a buyer, you need to realize you are going into an auction—not negotiating a deal. You have to prepare yourself by preparing your budget and realizing that you are benefiting from the historically low interest rates and betting on inflation to give you the return on your money. Once you can stomach that, you can confidently go into the auction and win. Buyer’s remorse is the result of not having your expectations aligned with the market you are in.”

What is your team’s greatest accomplishment in the past year?  

Jenny: “My team executed marketing and events that I have wanted for a long time but couldn’t facilitate as an individual agent. In particular, I am very proud that we were able to bring together friends and clients to do some good for our local community by collecting items to benefit Family Promise of the South Bay and Food Pantry LAX.” 

Tyler: “I am proud of how quickly we changed Jenny’s business from an individual agent to a team of three. Growth is always hard for any business, especially when it becomes a family business as we did this past year. 2021 was Jenny’s highest-earning year to date, and the fact that we still have momentum coming out of it shows that the team is clicking and we are firing on all cylinders. As we continue to grow as a team, so will our business. Get ready!”

What do you see as the biggest opportunities in the market right now?  

Jenny: “There is no better time to sell than right now. There is historically low inventory, amazingly low interest rates and therefore a huge pool of buyers dying to buy in Manhattan Beach and the South Bay. If you are looking for income-producing property, you will need to look on the Eastside of L.A., where properties generally yield the same rental income as properties on the Westside, but their prices are significantly less (so the cap rates are better). You can bet on high rents and steady rental income for the near future because the limited supply of housing and historically strong job market in L.A. will continue for some time.” 

Tyler: “Surprisingly, low mortgage interest rates continue to be the biggest opportunity for everyone in the market. It is part of what is fueling the high demand, which is good news for sellers looking to cash out or free up equity to buy a new home. For buyers, those interest rates provide some long-term assurance that you can lock in a lower monthly mortgage payment while allowing you the opportunity to build greater equity over time than you would as a result of a larger portion of your monthly payment going toward interest when rates go higher.”

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