Jordan Holbert

Jordan Holbert, owner and creative director of Mintwich Creative, has more than 20 years of graphic design and marketing experience. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in graphic arts from California State University, Fullerton. Jordan is active in the South Bay community and serves as president of the Manhattan Beach Rotary Club. She started her design studio in 2008.

In what ways do you empower other women to succeed in business? 

“Most of my clients are women entrepreneurs. Women tend to be more in touch with the creative aspects of life and design. The collaboration I have with my female clients helps me take their vision to the next level. It gives the brand a personality, provides business value and creates clarity that customers connect with.”

How would clients describe you?

“I have become an integral asset to my clients’ businesses in establishing and maintaining their brand identities through a myriad of evolving outlets and special projects. Through website design and social media-focused marketing, I believe they would say that I am the ideal combination of creativity and professional delivery—not easy to find in the marketing industry.”

In what ways are you helping those in need in our community? 

“I was recently inducted as president of the Manhattan Beach Rotary Club. I am excited to start our Rotary year by reconnecting with our members and the community. The opportunity to meet in person after 18 months of Zoom meetings has given us more enthusiasm to enrich the lives of our neighbors and assist those who cannot help themselves. This can be in the form of providing potable water, medical care, medicine, housing, schooling or clothing. Manhattan Beach Rotary undertakes projects independently and in collaboration with other organizations in the community.”

Has motherhood made you a better entrepreneur? 

“Absolutely! I am more efficient with my time and have learned to be more agile. By keeping an open mind and willingness to explore new opportunities and pivot, I have been able to position myself for success no matter what the future holds.”

How did you come up with the name of your firm? 

“People who know me know that I have a major sweet tooth! The name Mintwich came from my mother and my favorite Christmas cookies she made when I was growing up. It’s a soft mint chocolate cookie, rolled in sugar and sandwiched with mint frosting. So delightful!”