Julia Newman Pedraza

Julia Newman Pedraza has had a passion for design her entire life. After earning her master’s degree from University of Cambridge, she worked as a fashion buyer in London and continued her design education at Central Saint Martin’s. She then changed her focus, working with custom furniture and interior design as a project manager for prominent designers. In 2015 she started Julia Adele Design, a full-service interior and custom furniture design firm that works with Southern California residences, offices and retail spaces.

Which personality traits are most important to be successful in your field?

“Tenacity and a good sense of humor. Even if I am not technically working, my mind is always collecting ideas and inspiration from the world around me. My business is a part of me, and I believe one has to be invested in this way in order for it to be successful. In addition to a sense of humor, keeping a cool head is important to set the tone of the work and helps everyone move through challenges successfully.”

What is the #1 way you support your clients?

“When clients hire me, they hire a design advocate. It starts by collaborating with them to create a vision for the space. This then evolves into a working partnership to move through the design process and successful completion of the project.”

What projects do you support to help those in need?

“Since the very beginning of my company, for every client I sign I volunteer for a project that gives back. I volunteer with Furnishing Hope (helping transform homes for wounded veterans and women and children recovering from trauma) and the Open Architecture Collaborative (helping with community projects including designing accessory dwelling units and community centers).”

What are your design influences?

“Although I was born in Los Angeles, I spent a good portion of my life living in Spain and England. It is so interesting to see how differently each culture approaches design. Each place I have lived has had a significant impact on me. Spain is a world of color that plays on different moods and emotions. English design conjures up a traditional world of beauty with handcrafted touches. And Los Angeles runs free, and everything has a comfortable, casual air.”