Karynne Thim
& Lynne Lear

Realtors® Karynne Thim and Lynne Lear recently launched a new residential real estate brokerage, PACIFICA Properties Group, with partners Jeremy Shelton, Chris Plank and Dan O’Connor. Together the five agents have more than 100 years of experience in the real estate industry. Karynne double-majored in finance and real estate at the University of Arizona, and Lynne attended Dartmouth College and worked in advertising sales and marketing before becoming a Realtor. 

What’s new and exciting with your business?

“Forming our brokerage this year was a natural progression of our careers. It is an endeavor born from the desire to create a strong local boutique firm with five of the area’s most accomplished, respected agents who have worked together for 20+ years.  It’s been so energizing to start this business together. We support each other and share a unique sense of trust and respect with an undeniable esprit de corps.”

In what ways are you an influencer or motivator?

“There are many talented female Realtors in the South Bay, yet very few are principals in brokerages. We are forging a new path with new tools offering a fresh perspective. Jessica Burns, our director of operations, is our young rising star keeping our veteran agents on the cutting edge. Stay tuned for some exciting new announcements!”

How does your business provide clients a competitive advantage?

“As the real estate world continues to sell out to corporate conglomerates, this boutique agency stands its ground keeping things local. We do this by answering only to ourselves and our clients, who also benefit from our in-depth market intel. Clients feel some comfort knowing that their broker has boots on the ground alongside them. Since our genesis in April 2021, PACIFICA agents have closed or are in escrow more than $225 million!”

What is the plan to grow the brokerage?

“We have added a few choice agents already and plan to thoughtfully add more and focus on quality over quantity. We will add agents who subscribe to our model’s advantages and who share our unique sense of family, trust and respect.”

What do you want the public to know about your firm?

“First, we would like to acknowledge and thank our clients who are genuinely thrilled and supportive of us starting our brokerage. To potential clients as well as agents who may want to join us: While we are committed to sharing our well-networked brain trust of experience with you, we also know how to have fun while doing it. We look forward to our next big celebration—PACIFICA-style!”

Photographed at a Pacifica listing at 938 Duncan Ave., Manhattan Beach