Katelyn Ctvrtlik

Established in the heart of Hermosa Beach, FORM Pilates LA offers instruction in classical Pilates and the Gyrotonic® Method through private and semi-private sessions. The studio also offers an online membership, FORM By Katelyn, for live and on-demand classes. FORM’s mission is to teach individualized, healthy and full-bodied movement to strengthen and empower the mind, body and soul of clients. 

Owner Katelyn Ctvrtlik started her studio six years ago. She was a dancer from a young age and studied psychology, dance and entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado Boulder. She also trained at In-Spiraling Movement Arts in Santa Monica and participated in a Duke University health coaching program and multiple continuing-education workshops around the globe. Katelyn has been teaching movement classes for the past 11 years.

Tell us about your business.

“Our goal is to build strong, flexible, toned bodies for all stages of life. We are committed to teaching precise technique in order to both prevent and rehabilitate injury. Our dedicated and well-trained teachers are devoted to helping clients achieve their long-term health goals within a clean and welcoming environment. We are now rebranding, adding an online platform with corporate wellness options and launching a FORM Fit Kit with every at-home tool you could ever want. More details will be coming soon on our website.”

Describe your leadership style.

“I am a big believer in servant-leadership. Being in the service industry, this seems to be the most natural way of leading—by putting the clients, the instructors and the environment first. The rest of the pieces seem to fall into place harmoniously.” 

How do you attract the best talent to join your staff?

“I look for accomplished, warmhearted, devoted teachers who share the values and mission of FORM Pilates. My FORM team has a strong work ethic, a passion for health and wellness, and of course they are a lot of fun! As many studios across the world crumbled and closed their doors, my team loyally stayed by my side. I am proud to have them under my roof. I am grateful for their dedication to our clients and the studio, and their attention to good FORM.”

How would clients describe you?

“My clients include professional athletes, couples, teenagers, moms, dads and seniors. While they tell me I am energetic, positive and encouraging, I would hope that above all they describe me as kind. I grow close with my clients, and they become dear friends. Even though I am their teacher, I find they teach me so much. I hope at the end of the day they know how much I care for them.” 

What is the silver lining of the recent pandemic for your business?

“As a small-business owner, the stress of COVID-19 was more than I had ever experienced, and I am grateful to have movement as my outlet. The pandemic forced me to think differently and become creative about how to meet my clients’ needs within the mandated restrictions. I created a new component for business and grew the brand as a whole. We have completely reinvented ourselves. I offer more than 75 classes on demand, weekly live sessions and corporate wellness packages. The digital platform inspired me to rebrand the studio from Pilates Place Hermosa Beach to FORM Pilates LA.” 

How does your business provide clients a competitive advantage?

“We offer the whole package. You can be with us in person or online. Your movement practice can now stay consistent. We are available anytime, anywhere.” 

In what ways are you helping those in need in our community? How can others be of help?

“Through COVID-19, I grew closer with many small businesses. Specifically, I developed relationships with a lot of the businesses on Pier Avenue. I collaborated several times this past year with Beach & Beverly, H20 Hermosa and Wicked+. It’s so fantastic to do corporate classes and events with so many different types of businesses.  

In terms of supporting our local community, I always suggest shopping local. It keeps our community strong, connected and thriving. 

Another easy way to help is to write a review online, follow a business’s social media account and most importantly tell a friend about your favorite local spots.” 

What is the best part of your day?

“Is it wrong to say coffee time? I think in another life I was a barista and owned a café. It is by far my favorite time of the day. Bring me a cappuccino with almond milk, and you will be my best friend.”

What puts a spring in your step and keeps you feeling energized?

“Above all, Pilates and Gyrotonic! After numerous dance injuries, I found Pilates and Gyrotonic and they truly saved my body. They move and invigorate me and give me joy, a sense of peace and everything I need to strengthen my life.”

Photographed by Rian Basilio  |  Makeup by Blair Berndes