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    Signature Estate and
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    David Swift, CIMA®, Associate Advisor Katie O’Neill, Client Services Administrator Lisa Morig, Client Services Administrator Kathleen Adams, Partner

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Kathleen Adams, financial planner and partner at Signature Estate and Investment Advisors, has worked in the wealth management industry for the past 20 years. She and associate advisor David Swift have developed Lifestyle Preservation Planning™ to help clients ages 50 and up create a financial and investment plan that meets their future needs and goals.

When did you first consider working in your industry?

“When my successful, generous, life-loving dad retired without the ability to maintain his lifestyle. His trusted advisors had never collaborated to help him prepare for a happier, financially secure future during his ‘second 50 years.’ He personally felt secure because he owned real estate and had no debt. But it didn’t work.”

What do you mean by the “second 50 years”?

“The largest, wealthiest, most highly educated group of people in our country to ever move into their second 50 years of life will change the face of what used to be called retirement. They may live much longer, spend more, have more energy and excitement for the future than their parents did. We want to inspire them to reinvent this period of life, so we developed a different kind of plan process answering two main questions: How do I financially manage all of this? What do I really want now? Lifestyle Preservation Planning™ is a plan for lifetime income, financing new opportunities and enhancing quality of life.”

How do you plan for a longer life?

“People are afraid of running out of money because you can’t know how long you’re going to live. Every individual needs to reassess their portfolio before starting to distribute. Stocks and bonds should not be relied upon to perform as they have over the last decade. Everyone needs a plan B when withdrawing money during turbulent times.”

Describe the plans you offer.

“We utilize an approach that requires two types of plans: wealth preservation and opportunity. Wealth preservation starts with how to create an income stream you won’t outlive. Opportunity planning focuses on what people want beyond their financial goals (health and wellness, philanthropy, etc.) We encourage people to spend more money now on being physically and mentally healthy because there is no wealth without health.”

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