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Sister-in-law Realtor® duo Kathy Morris and Robin Smith operate with the motto “Hustle & Heart.” Kathy has worked in real estate in the South Bay for more than 18 years. After graduating with a degree in communication disorders from UMass, Amherst, she returned to her hometown of Redondo Beach and bought her first property at age 23. Five years later she turned her love of real estate into a career.

Before partnering with Kathy, Robin’s background was in health care. From a small town in Northern California, she migrated south to attend USC and earned her real estate license in 2015. The two have been business partners ever since.

In what ways has your performance at work exceeded expectations?

We are super proud this year to have been recognized by RealTrends as being in the top 1.5% of agents nationwide. We have been working diligently on our behind-the-scenes business over the past seven years. It paid off when the pandemic hit. Not only did we have kids home 24/7, but the real estate market got very busy! Because of our experience, reputation and the systems we had in place, we were able to service more new client referrals and repeat business than ever before while still keeping our households running.

Do you have a special skill for your industry?

We come from a construction family and both have personal experience with remodels and building homes from the ground up. Our clients appreciate our knowledge of this industry and the resources we have to help them not only with a vision of what can be done to add value, but also the connections to help them get it done.

How are you supporting other women in your industry?

We are founding members of the “Compass Queens”—a powerful group of top women Realtors from across the country. We meet weekly to support, connect and help build each other’s businesses. We love the close relationships we have made with these women, and it’s been so helpful to have strong referral partners everywhere in the country. Whether you are moving to Northern California or North Carolina, we have amazing Realtors whom we know on a personal level and wholeheartedly trust to take care of our clients.      Locally we are part of a women’s networking group that we meet with and collaborate with regularly. We know that supporting each other and networking make us all stronger.

How do you find time to fit it all in?

We are so grateful to have each other! It’s not every day that you find a business partner (not to mention a family member) whom you can work with day in and day out and not drive each other crazy! We trust each other completely, and our personalities and different strengths complement each other perfectly. Thankfully, because there are two of us, we can take turns with personal time off to recharge while the other one makes sure our business doesn’t skip a beat!

What is your best piece of advice for a woman just starting in your line of work?

We are mentoring a few brand-new agents right now. Our biggest advice to them is to stay positive no matter what the challenge. Every problem has a solution, so trust yourself to find it and make it happen. And don’t be afraid to ask questions! Remember that everything is hard before it is easy, so keep moving forward with a smile.

How did you come up with your motto “Hustle & Heart”? 

The transactions we handle are deeply personal and important to the people we work with on all sides of the deal. We hustle by going above and beyond in our quest to exceed our clients’ expectations, and we do everything by following our hearts. Isn’t happiness the main goal for everything in life, after all?

Tell us your favorite quote:

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And you are the one who’ll decide where to go.” – Dr. Seuss

What are some of your favorite ways to stay grounded?

In this busy industry, it’s so important to stay grounded. We both have our ways of maintaining stability. Kathy enjoys yoga and sound baths and recently got her Reiki and crystal practitioner certification. Robin enjoys her time at The Blueprint L.A. gym, playing pickleball and traveling with her family.

Has motherhood made you a better entrepreneur?

Having kids has taught us both how to multitask very well! We are motivated every day by the fact that we want to be strong role models for our children and teach them the value of hard work and perseverance.

What advice do you give your kids?

Follow The Four Agreements: 1. Be impeccable with your word. 2. Don’t take anything personally. 3. Don’t make assumptions. 4. Always do your best.