Kelly A. Shimada,

South Redondo Dental Group is a multispecialty dental practice owned by prosthodontist Dr. Kelly A. Shimada, who recently partnered with co-owner Dr. Greg Shvartsman to help grow his existing practice. Dr. Shimada has worked in the dental industry for nine years, graduating from the UCLA School of Dentistry and performing residencies in hospital dentistry and advanced prosthodontics

What’s new and exciting with your business?

“Dr. Shvartsman has been running a successful sole-provider general dentistry practice for several years. Over the last year we have worked tirelessly to double and remodel the physical space and improve the patient experience in our practice. We are excited to offer a multispecialty practice that includes general dentistry, prosthodontics and periodontics. Since Dr. Shvartsman and I went to school together, we know we work well together and are looking forward to growing our practice.”

What is your silver lining of the recent pandemic?

“While the pandemic posed many challenges for nearly every person and business, I was able to turn lemons into lemonade and utilize the time to work with Dr. Shvartsman and create our vision. Of course there were some delays, but all things considered, we have been very fortunate and wise with our time and accomplished a lot over the last year and a half.”

What is a prosthodontist?

“I joke that a prosthodontist is a ‘general dentist on steroids’—meaning years of additional specialty training where I focused on collaboration efforts with other dental specialists to rehabilitate patients’ bites and smiles after years of wear and tear. I am well equipped to treat basic dental needs, as well as more complex issues.”

How would patients describe you?

“I believe patients would describe me as thorough, friendly and compassionate. I strive to always achieve the best quality of work. It may not always be the quickest route, but in many instances it’s better to be the tortoise rather than the hare. Another very important part of dentistry is listening. Often when a patient sees a prosthodontist, they need extensive dental treatment and have a difficult dental history to go along with it. A huge part of my job is to listen and understand where this person is coming from; by doing so, I can tailor my treatment recommendations to fit their dental needs and also their emotional needs. Anyone who has lost a tooth or had an accident can understand that having dental work done can be an emotionally and physically taxing process, so it is essential for me to make sure they are comfortable throughout.”

Photographed by Erich Chen Photography