Kelly Cobb

  • Age


  • School

    Notre Dame Academy

  • City

    Manhattan Beach

  • Photographed by

    Rayne Duronslet Photography

  • Special Section

    Making Their Mark

“My goal is for us to find our place in the business world as strong and confident businesswomen.”

What do you believe is your mission in life? 

“I believe my mission in life is to foster more diversity within business organizations—specifically the entertainment industry—by representing different ethnicities, body types and sexuality in the media. It is imperative for entertainment to represent each person’s individuality. As an aspiring female executive, I want to lead major decisions that guide entertainment output through business organizations and cultural choices. Starting with reforming the culture of major entertainment companies, I will advocate for greater inclusivity.”

What are you doing to make a difference in this world? 

“In an effort to share my passion for business and foster community, I organized a learning experience for future business leaders by establishing the Women in Business Club at Notre Dame Academy. We learn about multiple careers in business such as  entrepreneurship, finance, marketing and management. My goal is for us to find our place in the business world as strong and confident businesswomen.”

How long have you lived in the South Bay?

“I was born and raised in the South Bay.”

What makes you a great friend? 

“I am a great listener, and that makes me a great friend. I will always offer a shoulder to cry on. I deeply care for others and will go out of my way to help my friends and be there for them when they need me.”

What do you do to reduce stress in your life? 

“To reduce stress, I try to go out and hang out with friends. I externally process my emotions, and I like to talk things through. Sometimes I can get stuck in my head, so having a good time with friends allows me to relax and enjoy the company of others.”

Tell us about a small business you’d like to create. 

“I’ve already dabbled with this small business, but I’d love to create a sticker business that promotes body positivity. My friend and I came up with this idea freshman year and sold motivational stickers at Notre Dame Academy’s Entrepreneur Day. I think having a sticker to remind ourselves and others of our worth is a great way to spread kindness.”

What’s the best thing about Notre Dame Academy? 

“The best thing about school is the Disruptive Innovation program I have been involved with for three years, because it sparked my interest in business. I was inspired to explore innovation by Notre Dame Academy alum Cathie Duddy Wood, who established the program. We focus on learning about technologies and products that have disrupted their industry, with an emphasis on fields in energy sources, robotics, artificial intelligence, genomic sequencing and blockchain.”

What do you think you want to do for work in the future? 

“I would love to work as an executive in the entertainment business. As a huge Disney fan, my ultimate goal in life combines my passion for business and Disney. I am hoping to become Disney’s first female CEO.”

How do you think your generation is capable of changing the world? 

“I think Gen Z is capable of changing the world’s mindset to become more inclusive and open-minded. Growing up with technology has definitely changed the way my generation thinks and interacts with each other. We are able to connect with millions of other teens around the world, which gives us an appreciation for different cultures and perspectives.”

What achievement are you most proud of? 

“I am most proud of starting my own Women in Business Club. I love to share my passion for business with younger girls in my school. Business is always something I have been interested in, and being able to foster this love in other girls is truly rewarding.”