Keri Murphy

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    Inspired Living

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    703 Pier Ave., Suite B230, Hermosa Beach

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    Isaiah Mays

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    Women in Business

Inspired Living mentors entrepreneurs and small business owners on how to build a successful brand that has positive impact. Founder Keri Murphy and her team teach clients to be confident on-camera and create video content that is relevant to their business and engaging to the viewer. They take that training a step further by also providing business marketing services, mentorship, online courses, motivational events and workshops. Keri started her business in 2009 and has worked on-camera for more than three decades.

What is the #1 way you support your clients?

“We help our clients confidently and authentically share their message in a way that increases their income and impact.”

Which personality traits are most important to be successful in your field?

“In order to be successful in any field, it’s important to understand where your strengths and talents lie. Many of us are multitalented and multifaceted; however, that doesn’t mean we should try to do everything! As business leaders, we need to let go of things that aren’t our best so we can hold the vision and empower our team.”

What is the biggest mistake you’ve made professionally?

“I’ve experienced so many valuable learning lessons. What stands out the most is not asking for help when I needed it. During my agency ownership days, I wanted to prove that I didn’t need help. Now I feel that a sign of a great leader is asking for support when you need it. I wouldn’t be able to sustain the brand and business I have now if I didn’t ask and accept the right support.”

How has having a coach influenced your professional success?

“After losing a business, I committed to surrounding myself with people who could help me grow personally and professionally. I’ve invested a lot in business coaches, mentors and community. I think that’s a big reason why I love coaching businesswomen so much! With the right coach by your side, you don’t make so many costly mistakes. You have a champion in your corner who has an unbiased opinion and can really help you grow.”

How do you combat the fear of making wrong decisions from day to day?

“As an entrepreneur, a big part of building a business is taking risks. Some work, some don’t. I don’t shame myself for making a ‘wrong’ decision; I learn from it. I’ve also learned to listen and trust my intuition. It’s such a gift we ALL have. When I’m about to make a big decision, I take time to breathe, have faith and trust the response. It really works for me!”

What could women be doing to better advance their careers?

“Stop waiting for the ‘right time’ or ‘perfect’ opportunity. If I waited for someone to give me my dream job, I’d still be waiting. We need to stop waiting for someone to validate our dreams and talent and ask for what we want and be willing to step out of what’s comfortable. Only then will you experience what you’re really capable of … which is so much more than you think!”

Why are women so afraid to be seen?

“I have worked with thousands of women from across the globe, and everyone has the same fears: What if they don’t like me? What if I’m judged? The truth is, we’re always being judged. I think our need to be liked gets in the way of making an impact. Men have no problem sharing an opinion, but women will do anything not to have to. Dr. Seuss said it best: ‘It’s none of your business what other people think about you.’ When our clients embrace this, their business explodes!”

Has motherhood made you a better entrepreneur?

“I’d like to think so. I was a single mom for three years while growing my business. Through that I realized my resilience and what women are really capable of. I have a new understanding and appreciation for what working mothers face and an even greater purpose for Inspired Living.”

Do businesses have a duty to give back to society?

“I think we all have a duty to give back to society. At Inspired Living we stand by the saying ‘You get what you give.’ We currently support the Unstoppable Foundation, Walk with Sally and Step Up. We can give back in many ways—with our time, money or resources. As Inspired Living expands, it’s our mission to build more social brands that have a positive impact on the planet.”