Kinecta Wealth Management

As a financial advisor at Kinecta Wealth Management, Sean Tompkins assists individuals and families with financial planning, retirement planning, wealth transfer, insurance and college savings. A South Bay native and USC graduate, Sean joined Kinecta in 2020 and has worked in the financial industry for the past decade.

What distinguishes your practice from others?

I take an educational approach, outlining the process and ensuring that each of my clients understands how we are going to address their goal—whether it is having enough money for retirement, sending kids to college or leaving a family legacy.  

What is your advice for your younger clients?

Invest, Invest, Invest! Even if it’s only a little bit every month, time is on your side. The sooner you start investing, the more time you have for compounding to work—it’s like magic. 

What is your advice when the market seems chaotic?

A good financial advisor becomes most valuable to their clients when markets are chaotic. When I work with clients, we make careful investment decisions based upon their goals, time horizon and feelings about risk. The likelihood of a chaotic market is baked into the plan, and we talk about that. I reach out to my clients when I see the market is headed downward to remind them of why we made the decisions we did, verifying that their goals and time horizon have not changed. 

What common mistake do people make with money?

The most common mistake is making emotional decisions when there is volatility in the market. This is one of the reasons it is so important to work with a financial advisor who will help you stay the course and prevent decisions that could be costly in the long run.

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