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Above: L to R: Farhang Azizi, LPL Financial Advisor; Laura Tompkins, Private Client Services Manager; Paul Smith, Insurance Specialist; Whitney Bullock, CWS®, Manager of Financial Planning


Headquartered in Manhattan Beach, Kinecta has served the South Bay for more than 80 years. The Kinecta Wealth Management team provides financial guidance to assist members of the South Bay by turning their life aspirations into financial realities. The team consists of financial professionals who each have more than 20 years of experience in the financial industry: private client services manager Laura Tompkins, LPL financial advisor Farhang “Frank” Azizi, manager of financial planning and Certified Wealth Strategist® Whitney Bullock and insurance specialist Paul Smith.

Tell us about your team.

Laura, Frank, Whitney and Paul provide a holistic approach to managing business, individual and family finances. This process of financial planning, retirement planning, wealth transfer, insurance strategies, succession planning, tax management and college savings. They offer an exceptional level of service and customized advice to help businesses, individuals and families pursue their financial goals. 

Laura serves as a single point of contact for clients, ensuring that relationships are developed, needs are assessed and financial aspirations are evaluated. She acts as a liaison to the team and provides financial resources to assist with managing clients’ finances. 

Whitney supports the team by providing comprehensive goal-based financial planning, using a defined and disciplined approach that enables clients to envision their financial futures with confidence. She works with Laura, Frank and Paul to prioritize clients’ goals and put an action plan into place to pursue them. 

Frank analyzes the short-term and long-term goals of the client and implements their financial plan, identifying the most suitable investments required to fulfill the plan. Paul collaborates with the team by providing advanced insurance planning and risk management advice to clients and the public.

What is the key to building, maintaining and growing client relationships?

Genuine concern for the success of each client, listening and understanding of needs, desires and concerns, together with consistent communication are the foundation for strong client relationships. The building of relationships begins with personal connection, development of a financial plan upon which all recommendations are made, and implementation of that plan. The maintenance of these relationships is achieved through the consistent communication clients receive from the team. Communication is especially important during times of market turbulence when clients most need reassurance. Our dedicated team and breadth of financial products assist our clients with accumulation, distribution, protection, legacy planning and business succession planning, allowing for long-term and growing client relationships.

What’s the #1 way you earn the trust and confidence of clients?

We find that our confidence and trust in each other while we collaborate toward clients’ goals is the ultimate way to earn their trust and confidence.  

In what ways is the business model of your firm unique?

The combination of our relationship management commitment, team of dedicated financial professionals, financial plan-based approach and extensive product access is unique and sets us apart. 

In what ways does your firm make our community a better place?

For decades, Kinecta Wealth Management has proudly supported individuals, families and businesses in local South Bay communities. Kinecta invests and serves where members live and work by giving back through volunteerism, financial support and financial education. Kinecta Wealth Management regularly hosts workshops on multiple financial topics such as understanding trusts, financial planning, social security, long-term care insurance and estate planning with the goal of providing financial empowerment to our communities. We believe that the financial success of our clients ultimately makes the community and world a better place, as their financial confidence and resources allow them to give back in meaningful ways.

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