Konni Tanaka
Interior Design

Describe the featured project.

This Rolling Hills ranch home remodel included a new kitchen and two bathrooms. The owners wanted an easy elegance befitting the lifestyle of this equestrian neighborhood. We raised the ceiling in the kitchen; the rough wood provides a leisurely contrast against the refined cabinets and backsplash. In the main bathroom, similar beams were paired with soothing tiled walls and floor and a long vanity in a similar wood—creating a charming spa space for a luxurious soak in the tub. The guest bathroom sports a lively striped tile and unique pendants.

Tell us about your business.

We provide interior space planning and interior design, including reconfiguring spaces, designing custom millwork, custom furniture design, and furniture and accessories specification. We use 3D CAD renderings to help our clients visualize the design. We love helping people create personalized homes that refresh and inspire.

What are your favorite sources of inspiration in your work?

The home’s architecture is the first go-to inspiration. We want people to enjoy a cohesive design experience of the home, and we strive to have interiors complement the architecture. Californians embrace an indoor-outdoor lifestyle, requiring a seamless flow between the rooms and outside spaces. 

The client’s inspirations are key to directing our designs. That means studying geographical locations or design styles or interests that the client embraces. Our clients are international with varied interests, and we enjoy expanding our horizons to learn about the cultures and lifestyles they value. Fine art paintings and colors in the natural world inspire our color palettes. Traditional crafts, along with natural woods and stones, help us develop textures for our designs.

How are clients expressing their individuality in their homes?

Our clients appreciate that we listen and design their homes to reflect their lifestyles, cultures and aspirations. Homes can inspire the owners. Everything in a room can have an association, and we strive to incorporate meaningful associations in the colors, materials and items that are used. Accent pillows and artwork are popular ways to express individuality. Clients love the textiles and wallpaper we suggest because they come in so many patterns, colors and textures. Custom case goods are a wonderful way to create very unique designs.

How do you help clients strengthen their connection to nature?

In addition to personal aesthetics, I believe bringing nature into the home inspires and refreshes people. In traditional Japanese architecture and interior design, the appreciation of nature has always guided design. We give a lot of thought to using natural materials and to space planning and furniture layouts that bring in sunlight, frame views and create a natural flow in the rooms. 


Project photographed by David William Photography