LA Move Consultants

Describe the featured projects.

Clients hire LA Move Consultants for a wide variety of services. The images highlighted in this showcase represent multiple projects including full-service moves in which we worked closely with designers and contractors for clients relocating to the South Bay, as well as ongoing organizing projects.



What touch does your team add to make a house a home?

We strive to make every house feel like a home by adding warm, personal touches throughout. We believe that everyone living under the same roof should have a space that speaks to who they are. Even the family pet needs a place to rest their head. We make sure every space fits the family’s needs—not just their wants.

How can hiring an organizer help avoid costly mistakes?

Building is expensive. Hiring an organizer during the design and build phase can help tremendously to avoid costly mistakes later in the process. I believe it’s important to look at what the client already has and listen to what their needs are, as well as what goals they are hoping to achieve. Are there young kids in the family who will have lunch boxes and snacks and art supplies for years to come? Does the family have knives or medication that will need to be handy yet out of reach? Do they travel to cold-weather places often? These are just some of the lifestyle questions that I think about when planning kitchens, closets, playrooms and even garages. When we have the opportunity to work with the builder and designer, we truly can build the home of your dreams.

Are organizers only for the rich and famous?

Absolutely not! One of the first things we explain to potential clients is that we can do as much or as little as they want. Moving and organizing can get expensive, but if done the right way it becomes both cost- and time-efficient. We always try to get to know the client first before helping them purge the garage or a closet or pack up the kitchen for a move. Each job and client are different, and that’s what I love about what I do.

Describe your ideal personal living space.

I’ve moved a lot in my adult lifetime, and for me it’s not always the space but the way the space works for me, my kids and my dog. As a somewhat minimalistic person, I appreciate when a space feels open yet warm, when the items within have meaning and bring a smile to my face when I look at them. I want my family and guests to feel comfortable and loved when they walk in the door.

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