Laney LA 

Describe the featured project.


From the moment a visitor enters this striking residence, they will feel the impact of a space suffused with light and infused with a nuanced palette of bleached oak and limestone textures. Elevated by an artistic client with a tasteful eye for design, the home celebrates the interplay of exterior and interior views, the seamless embrace of nature, and a floor plan made to facilitate the organic pattern of family life and hosting. From the 16-foot Australian Brachychiton, which is now a beloved member of the family, to the elevated ceramic studio with views to the ocean beyond, there is not a moment of the day where this home does not shine. If it sounds like we’re gushing, it’s because we can’t help it. To spend a day here is an experience best described by one word: dreamy.

How do you integrate nature within a home?

The integration of nature is all about finding space to subvert and soften the traditional conventions of floor, walls and roof in order to bring us closer to the outdoors. In this case, we literally broke the floor and brought a tree inside. It’s also about the height of the floor plane, which enables the home to access luxurious views of the ocean—even from the back of the property. It is about the east-to-west orientation and frameless, pocketing doors, which create a channel for ocean breezes to pass through. Every property has hidden and obvious opportunities to change the way we think about and interact with nature, and our team is passionate about uncovering those moments.

How do you work with your clients to realize the home of their dreams?

Our best collaborations come when there is a foundation of trust. This enables a true dialogue of contrasting opinions and uncovers unexpected opportunities in the design process. In the case of this project, we were delighted to work alongside a client who also possesses immense talent as an artist and designer and who was deeply involved with each step of the process. As a result, there is such intentionality in every piece of art and framed view. For example, a stunning chandelier of bell-shaped pendants graces the stairwell and evokes the touch of the craftsman through its careful composition. In the dining room, white oak flooring and bleached hemlock ceilings form the backdrop against which a second chandelier of aluminized wood hangs suspended above the dining table. There are myriad moments just like these that only came about because of the way we were able to uniquely collaborate.

Photographed by Lauren Pressey