Laney LA 

Describe the featured project.

Rooted within the mountain landscape, this 3,500-square-foot residence incrementally evolves from rugged to refined. Stacked stone taken from the site composes the terraced, plinth base of the home. With each level, there is a progressive increase in the degree of refinement, light and craftsmanship—the pinnacle coinciding with breathtaking views of the Carson Range.



In a mountain home, where the air is clear and nature is a step away, these elemental factors became the inspiration for a home that is both grounded and freely open to its surrounding context. At the base of the sloped site, a cavernous garage is nestled deep within the hillside. From it, a wide path of paved stone leads to the entry gallery and lounge. Ascent to the third level unfolds a quiet series of private and public spaces separated by board-formed concrete walls and flexible enough to be completely open to the mountain air. Evoking the memory of the client’s 200-year-old mountain cabin, the blackened timber roof unifies the entire composition of concrete volumes and glass as it frames the views beyond. Ultimately, this is a residence designed to be worthy of the mountain on which it rests.

Tell us about your business.

We are an award-winning architecture practice dedicated to creating meaningful work. Based in Hermosa Beach, our passion is to create work that speaks powerfully—sparking a dialogue between enduring architecture and its evolving environment. Every project begins with discovery as we dive into the hopes and dreams of our clients and bring to the surface the opportunities and constraints before us. And it ends with a timeless design—one that involves a journey of generous collaboration, a rigorous design process and care for every crafted detail.

How does your work help clients strengthen their connection  to nature?

Whether a project’s context is urban or rural, there is both great opportunity and responsibility for elevating the way our clients experience nature. Most of us have had the privilege of encountering nature in ways that evoke awe, peace and stillness or leave an impact of shock, wonder and adrenaline. These inimitable qualities are the ones we seek to translate in ways that are meaningful to the unique needs of our clients and the identity of the architectural form. 

What design trends are you seeing?

We’ve recently observed design and building trends taking us outside the South Bay. In fact, our clients have begun taking us on journeys to the places where they escape. Prompted in many ways by the pandemic, it is no secret that real estate markets such as Idaho and Montana have gone through exponential growth. As a result, we have been privileged to have the opportunity to travel away from the beach and to more rural and natural landscapes.