Laney LA 

Describe the featured project.

Every renovation relies on diagnosing the elements worth preserving and transforming in a home. This four-story renovation began with a premise to reuse all the structural elements of the home in order to avoid unnecessary demolition. Despite keeping the structural integrity, the architectural team took a heavy-handed approach to almost every interior cosmetic wall, fixture and finish. The architectural strategy was to bring light and air into the home at every level. The massive
kitchen skylight is perhaps one of the most impactful examples of this strategy in action. The result is a residence that has transformed from a dark, dated space into an oasis for relaxation and entertainment.



What would you like our readers to know about your business?

Laney LA is an award-winning architecture and design studio driven by the conviction that great architecture can inspire the best in humanity—
moving those who experience it, shaping neighborhoods and impacting the way we steward our environment. We specialize in residential, commercial and interior design projects along the western coast and mountain ranges of the United States. Our projects have been recognized by the 2022 AIA Los Angeles Residential Architecture awards and the 2022 Dezeen Longlist.

In what ways do you use nature in your designs?

The challenge of an urban context is that often nature can feel far away. We look around and see only structure, stone and pavement. This is especially true in the tall, narrow lots of the Beach Cities. As a result, our projects orient themselves both inward and upward through the use of strategic skylights, rooftop courtyards and interior gardens. Moreover, our projects seek to create a heightened sensitivity to the interconnectedness of both nature and craft. For example, our projects will carve out spaces in which nature can be experienced from new perspectives, such as a reading nook positioned just for glimpsing the sunset. We believe every property has hidden and obvious opportunities to change the way we think about and interact with nature, and our team is passionate about uncovering those moments.

Speak about sustainability in your line of work. 

As architects, we have the privilege of playing an important role to propel sustainability efforts forward. Our strategies are varied and include everything from recycling greywater to reducing waste during construction or specifying local, durable, materials free of toxins on our projects. Our favorite strategies are the ones that not only improve the environment but elevate our clients’ lifestyles. We always look for ways to leverage natural light to decrease energy consumption, such as in this project’s enormous skylight, which transforms an entire floor of a home. During our most recent heat wave, we heard from one of our clients that their home stayed wonderfully temperate without any air conditioning due to the passive heating and cooling systems we installed.

Project photographed by Eric Staudenmaier  |  Team shot by Roger Davies