Laney LA 

Describe the project.

Recognized for its scalloped concrete walls, this residence features concrete massings that anchor every elevation. Like cliffs carved from water, the scalloped walls are etched with the faint grain of the formwork that shaped them. Through large, pocket doors and double-height spaces, there is a sense of expansion within as the home unfolds into a landscaped, outdoor terrace and pool. With its panoramic ocean views and echoes of that element within its walls, the architectural language of this structure speaks to a beauty shaped by the impermanent.

Tell us about your business.

Laney LA is an award-winning architecture and design studio driven by the conviction that great architecture can inspire the best in humanity— moving those who experience it, shaping neighborhoods and impacting the way we steward our environment. We specialize in residential, commercial and interior design projects along the West Coast and have a global roster of teammates from Canada to South Africa. Our studio has been recognized by the 2022 AIA Los Angeles Residential Honor awards and the 2022 Dezeen Longlist.

How do you approach collaboration?

Generous collaboration is an intrinsic component of our process; it is at the core of our creativity. Without it, a design may be elevated and an architectural process rigorous, but it runs the risk of missing its soul. We think of it as an open hand and an open ear—one that lets go of authorship and pride and listens closely to the voices of others who have valuable contributions to offer, regardless of their formal role. 

In the case of this special project, we are grateful for the many hands and voices that made an impact in bringing to life every detail including the construction team at Silicon Bay, the concrete craftsman at Dave Shaw Concrete & Block, the doors and windows from Otiima, and the photography of Roger Davies. Every successful project is thanks to the summative work of many contributors. This project is no different and all the better for it.

What are some of the most impactful ways that architectural design makes a difference in how we live?

Architecture, when it is at its best, is something that doesn’t just augment a lifestyle. Rather, it reveals the beauty in everyday moments. For example, one’s morning coffee ritual can be augmented by a home’s orientation toward eastern light and western views. In every season and at every time of day, there is a changing interplay of natural light and shadows on wood paneling and textured concrete that is timeless in beauty and temporal in its elusiveness. These dynamics are what transform a space and elevate a lifestyle in a way that is difficult to put into words.

Photographed by Shane O’Donnell (group photo) & Roger Davies (project)