Laney LA 

Describe the featured project.

Bold and playful, this AIA|LA award-winning home is designe  d to elevate the beauty found in contrast. Nicknamed the Black Barn, this project was  inspired by the spirit of its adventurous, world-traveling clients who wanted to combine the best of modern design, minimal materials and a cost-effective budget. While the architecture evokes the familiar footprint of a traditional barn, the floating black volume defies simple classification through its asymmetrical ridge, double-height living spaces and extruded, floating reading nook. It evokes the classic while simultaneously representing elegant modernism for a new kind of Los Angeles family.

What do you want clients to know about the services you offer?

Laney LA aspires to create work that matters. We champion the dreams of our adventurous clients through the creation of spaces that celebrate their unique lifestyle and the elevation of a vibrant culture of design in the surrounding environment. Laney LA is an architecture and design studio dedicated to inspiring creative culture. We are high-touch and high-tech, we create trendsetting architecture and we offer a fun, passionate process.

Describe how you seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor spaces.

Our approach is largely driven by the context of a project: the lot topography and size, ocean views and the client’s lifestyle. Each of these is critical to shaping a floor plan that optimizes the fluid connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. We also believe in the power of shade and the gravitational pull that is experienced when outdoor communal spaces are covered to facilitate summer and winter climates. We believe in framing views of green and blue to help the impact of nature be felt inside. We even remove interior square footage at times to create interior courtyards that become the still, peaceful heart of California living.

This is an unforeseen era in the way people use their homes. How is your company adapting?

While the recent shift in emphasis toward the home is being profoundly realized everywhere, our focus at Laney LA has stayed essentially the same. We have always adopted an elevated and intentional approach to the design of a home, and that focus has been validated more than ever this year. Adequately addressing our clients’ changing lifestyles requires radical nimbleness and micro design strategies to unlock new solutions.

How has clients’ newfound appreciation for the outdoors impacted the services you offer?

We are seeing the South Bay’s appreciation for the outdoors in a major way with the rising trend of what we like to call the “home stadium.” Clients are devoting large percentages of purchased lots to sports courts, and we are happy to facilitate this exciting new way in which our clients embrace and interact with the outdoors!

Photographed by Jessica Isaac