Lauren Forbes

L to R above: Lauren Forbes, Trevi Sawalich, Michelle Ramkissoon, Kelsey Riggan, Heather Macaulay, Roma Barba, Bri Haydis, Lisa Oberst, Kaveh Shakeri 

Lauren Forbes didn’t start out in real estate. She earned her law degree and practiced as an attorney for eight years, specializing in employment litigation. She went on to become a licensed Realtor® in 2000 and obtained her broker license in 2018. Lauren and her team are top producers worldwide and at Compass.

What makes your team stand out from others?

“Our team is extremely special because we are a boutique team with exceptionally talented agents within the #1 brokerage in the country. Each member of the team brings something wonderful and different. We have two lawyers, a doctor and an interior designer. Our agents are spread throughout the South Bay, therefore we live in most of the places we serve. We are tight-knit and team-oriented, so we lift each other up—in business and in life. Once you meet and work with this team, I am confident you will not want to work with anyone else.”

How do you help your clients beat the competition?

“Clients benefit greatly from our reputation and relationships with other agents. Our vast knowledge, consistently ethical behavior and market share create a scenario where other agents want to work with our team—thus our buyers often have a leg up when purchasing. The Lauren Forbes Group also has the absolute best marketing plan, coupled with the incredible Compass technology platform that provides sellers with unparalleled sales.”

What do you love about your job?

“We have the most incredible clients! We love helping them find their dream home, or getting their home ready to sell and surprising them with fast sales and high prices.”

In what ways is the real estate industry an emotional business?

“Since real estate is often the largest investment in a person’s life, the emotions are real. Our team deals with it by putting our emotions aside and running our business in the most professional way possible. We also take the time to learn about our clients’ needs and wants and check in regularly about how they are doing and what we can do to make the process smoother for them. We are available for all questions and respond quickly and efficiently. Put simply, we really care.”

What qualities are needed to be the best in this business?

“This business requires hard work. The best agents work long hours. It takes someone who can help others during difficult/stressful times and remain calm and positive.”

Is there still a market for buying vacation homes?

“Yes, stronger than ever. Many of our clients are looking outside the area for places to travel to safely during these challenging times. Several of us own homes outside the area and in other states, so we are uniquely qualified to help advise them on purchases.”