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The Law Offices of Sanford Jossen has specialized in civil litigation for over 40 years in the areas of personal injury, sexual molestation of minors, injured minors, vehicle accidents, premises liability, police excessive force, arbitration and mediation. Owner Sanford Jossen earned his law degree from the University of San Diego Law School and has received extensive training in arbitration and mediation.

What is the key to building, maintaining and growing client relationships?

One has to build trust and maintain and nurture that trust as time goes by. We understand that clients invest trust in us and that the cases they come to us with may have a significant effect on them. That motivates us to do our best for our clients. We recognize that clients have many choices for attorneys, so we look to create and nurture a relationship of trust, support and encouragement with every client so we can relieve the stress of the situation that brought them to us and care for them as much as possible.

What is the most popular service you offer?

We pride ourselves on providing personal service to our clients. We introduce every client to our entire staff so they are on a first-name basis with every staff member. This creates a consistent, reliable, trusting relationship. We have a stable office where employees have worked for as long as 23 years. We believe that clients like knowing who they are speaking to and the familiarity that comes with consistency.

How has your role spread beyond traditional professional services?

In addition to litigation, our office provides extensive mediation and arbitration services to other lawyers in the legal community. This enables us to evaluate a case in the most objective way. We believe this adds value to our representation of clients because many attorneys do not have mediation or arbitration practices.

In what ways is the business model of your firm unique?

It is plain to see from television advertising that for some the practice of law has become a mass-market endeavor where clients are “handled” by case managers who do not have law school experience, and cases are only passed on to attorneys when the injuries are significant. We believe that clients are shortchanged by this business model; that is why we pride ourselves on the personal service we provide to our clients.