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Lily Liang is the executive vice president of Strand Hill Properties. She has more than 30 years of experience in assisting buyers and sellers on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. 

What sets you apart from your peers?

I have been living in Palos Verdes for more than 30 years. I was born in Taiwan but went to college in the States. I also worked as an expat in Europe and Asia for many years. Living, studying and working in different countries has given me a unique appreciation for different cultures. This is useful especially when I work with clients from different parts of the world.

I work basically with referrals from existing clients with whom I have developed a reputation for sincerity, hard work and market knowledge. I work without team members, so I am the only one my clients need to talk to or share private and confidential information with. I am available from the beginning to the end of a transaction. 

What are your top tips for ensuring a successful deal?

Transparency, patience and client support are critical factors for securing a successful deal. It is so important to build mutual trust from the beginning of a client relationship. I always do my homework to avoid negative surprises for my clients. I prepare them for the worst scenario while hoping for the best. It is important that the seller and buyer trust that you have provided all relevant information to them and that you have tried your best to protect their mutual interests. 

What do you expect to see in real estate this year, specifically in the South Bay?

I think we will see fewer transactions closed. I think buyers and sellers will largely be limited to those who need to buy or sell. We will likely see fewer investors and fewer sellers testing the market with relatively high listing prices. A lot of buyers and sellers will be on the sidelines trying to see what is next. I do not expect to see drastic changes in prices, as we have limited home supplies with the little buildable vacant land. For owners of existing homes, the South Bay offers a unique combination of fresh air, beautiful scenery, pleasant weather, outstanding schools and a mixed culture. The South Bay will always be a top choice for highly selective home buyers.

Photographed By Nicole Leone