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Realtor® Lisa Levin spent more than a decade working in commercial real estate development before transitioning to residential sales in 2003. She joined Strand Hill Properties in 2019 and is a member of their President Circle. She was named a 2023 Real Estate Star by Los Angeles Magazine.

What advice do you have for buyers in the current market?

There’s much talk about the market slowing down because of high interest rates. While interest rates have gone up, they remain at attractive levels. In fact, the market for buyers is now better in many ways. Properties are more realistically priced, and buyers can ask for more reasonable terms. If you find a property you like and can afford, go for it. Southern California real estate over the long term remains an outstanding investment, and the option to refinance at a later date is always there.

How do you help your clients beat the competition? 

So many of my deals are done before the properties even get to market. One of the benefits of being in the business as long as I have is the relationships you cultivate over the years. My network allows my clients access to off-market properties and pocket listings that they wouldn’t even know about otherwise. Just this holiday season—a supposedly slow time—I was not only able to sell my clients’ property but also get them into a new property. Both deals were done off-market, saving time and allowing them the desired discretion they wanted while achieving all their sale and purchase goals.

What is your team known for?

My clients know that I have a full-service, experienced team in place to meet their needs. We are very quick to respond and assist them with different aspects of the transaction: finding the right movers and packers, organizers, painters, handymen or contractors—anything they need to make their selling or buying experience go smoothly. 

What do you most love about your job?

I love being able to contribute to making people’s lives better, whether helping them find their dream homes or at a time of transition in their lives. The best part about my job is the relationships I form along the way. My clients treat me like family, and that is such an honor. They share photos of babies, graduations, vacations, and news of job promotions or retirements. I feel privileged to be able to share these milestones with them. This is what I love most about what I do.