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Realtor® Lisa Levin spent more than a decade working in commercial real estate development before transitioning to residential sales in 2003. She joined Strand Hill Christie’s International Realty in 2019 and is a member of their President Circle. Lisa is a relocation specialist for corporate executives, Fortune 500 companies and major league sports teams. 

What are key factors for finding a good fit when choosing a realtor to work with? 

“My clients are executives and families from all over the world, and it’s fabulous to learn about them—which helps our ‘shopping’ go much smoother. Christie’s being an international brand helps assure my clients that they have the best mix of resources and outreach, while Strand Hill gives them the comfort of an agent from the top local agency who knows the market and other agents intricately. I also have the best-in-class connections from lenders to contractors to moving consultants. I certainly cannot provide all of these services alone and am proud of the team I have assembled, which like me is very detail-oriented and always available.”

Speak about the flexibility required to be successful in this industry. 

“I pride myself on customer service and knowledge of my clients’ needs as well as my ability to respond quickly and appropriately to any unexpected changes. Computers and technology are vital, but the one-on-one remains best.”

What relocation assistance do you offer clients? 

“Getting to know people, building long-term relationships with them, and helping them be happy and confident with the property they bought or sold. I drive clients to the areas of a community that they will most often engage with, such as grocery stores, schools, restaurants, doctors, to make them comfortable and see if the location is in fact the best fit. We then discuss wants and needs to determine what is a priority for their life style. During the pandemic we often drove in separate cars, but they followed and stayed on speakerphone while I explained where we were touring. I love technology when you’ve gotta get creative! Using my extensive database of resources, I also have access to agents outside our area, which has been so helpful in making my clients’ relocations smoother.”

Do you involve your family in your work? 

“Most people see my husband and me walking our dog along the beach in the mornings or at the local coffee shop. It’s the best part of the day. Our son joins us when he’s home, so we have a great time chatting and getting to see neighbors.”