Luxford Nutrition

Services Offered

  • Post-COVID-19 recovery
  • Digestive distress
  • Autoimmune solutions
  • Women’s health expert
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Anxiety and mood swings
  • Inflammation
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Unwanted weight gain

“Food can be an extremely powerful health tool under the direction of a registered dietitian.”

A Sense of Well-Being

I am a dietitian working with women who struggle with post-COVID-19 symptoms including fatigue, brain fog, ongoing loss of taste and smell, digestive distress and insomnia. I also help women with chronic inflammation related to autoimmune conditions and digestive disorders. My clients achieve improved energy, mental clarity, balanced moods, resolution of IBS and bloating, and a renewed sense of well-being.

Wise Words

Hippocrates once said, “Let food be thy medicine.” Nutrition is often overlooked as a treatment modality, but food can be an extremely powerful health tool under the direction of a registered dietitian.

Patient Testimonial

“My health when I started with Emily was unpredictable, frustrating and difficult to manage: diarrhea, upper GI discomfort, headaches, joint pain, exhaustion and depression. The changes due to Emily’s program are vast and innumerable: improved energy, better sleep, predictable bowel movements, easier and less painful periods, less joint pain. The acid reflux, bloating and headaches are gone. I’m a new person!”

– Ashley H.

Treatment Philosophy

Experience has taught me that research and medical expertise can resolve health issues when the practitioner listens to the patient. Only the patient knows what she is feeling or experiencing. It is my philosophy to listen to the patient and implement a plan that addresses her symptoms and is conducive to her lifestyle, current health status and health goals.

Convenient Care

As an integrative and functional practitioner, I offer my patients specialized laboratory tests that can be completed in the comfort of their home. These tests provide valuable information and result in personalized treatment plans. In addition, my practice is virtual, which is more convenient for the patient while maintaining quality of care.

The Power Of Nutrition

I have worked in the nutrition field for over 10 years. As a young adult, I was diagnosed with celiac disease and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis—both autoimmune conditions. These diagnoses taught me the role of nutrition as a health intervention. This personal experience led me to a career in dietetics and additional credentials in integrative and functional nutrition therapy.