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Services Offered

Rhinoplasty   |   Breast enhancement (augmentation, lift or reduction)   |   Mommy Makeover   |   Body contouring   |   Abdominoplasty   |   Facial rejuvenation (face/neck/ eyelid lift)   |   Injectables (Voluma, Juvederm or Botox)   |   Liposuction (abdomen, flanks or under chin)   |   Aesthetic plastic surgery

“I’m thankful for our wonderful patients and friends in the South Bay and for their continuing support over the last 14 years.”


My approach and philosophy has always been to provide patient-centered care. I spend time getting to know patients and their concerns. My attention to detail shows in the office and in surgery. Our warm, caring staff treats patients like family. I’m thankful for our wonderful patients and friends in the South Bay and for their continuing support over the last 14 years.


The goal of rhinoplasty is for the result to appear so natural that it’s difficult to tell that surgery has been done. To achieve this, I commonly use the “closed” technique, which leaves no visible scars on the outside of the nose. In addition, I prefer to incorporate improvements in breathing at the same time.

Bouncing back

L to R: Mychael Patrick, Amy Granzow, Dr. Jay Granzow, Shayla Storz, Julie Inouye, Mariela Alvarez (not pictured: Yvette Velasquez)

“Mommy Makeover” surgery can be very effective, but an often overlooked first step to address the physical changes that occur after pregnancy is physical therapy for women’s health to bring back the shape and tone of the tummy and other areas. This can help moms avoid the need for a tummy tuck. Physical changes in the breast and tummy that physical therapy can’t fix can be improved with surgery without looking overdone.


I am a board-certified plastic surgeon, professor of plastic surgery at UCLA and owner of Manhattan Beach Plastic Surgery. I specialize in rhinoplasty and Mommy Makeovers (such as breast augmentation/lift, liposuction and tummy tuck). When I’m not working, I’m at the beach and local playgrounds with my wife and two young children.


In recent years more professionals are seeking plastic surgery. They don’t want anything heavy-handed, obvious or distracting in a business setting. I can achieve subtle results, often with strategic injections or surgical procedures such as mini-facelifts and mini-lipos.

Dr. Jay Granzow, actor Colin Farrell—fellow Angelman parent—and Amy Granzow at the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics fundraiser dinner in February


Our daughter, Cora, was diagnosed with the severe genetic disorder Angelman Syndrome two years ago. We are fortunate to be a part of an incredible national and international Angelman community. We are dedicated to funding research to find a cure—which will happen in the next five years. We also give to local charities.  I am a member of Walk With Sally’s advisory board, and we have supported the Richstone Family Center for many years. We are active members of the American Martyrs community.

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