Marcus Medical Spa

L to R: Back row: Kelly Gutshall, RN, CANS, Heather Galletti, RN, Stephanie Walsh, Medical Aesthetician, Donna Duffy, RN, Sheila Hedlund, Medical Aesthetician, Christie Baker, RN, Jeramie Bhatia, PA-C Front row: Krista Jacobson, Medical Aesthetician, Nicola Lowrey, PA-C


Marcus Medical Spa, founded by double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Keith Marcus and Dr. Michael Fulbright, offers a wide variety of aesthetic treatments performed by a team of nurses, physician assistants and aestheticians. The practice is involved in various community activities in the South Bay and donates time and facilities to benefit local schools and charitable programs each year.

Tell us about your team.

“Our team of experienced nurses, physician assistants and aestheticians is skilled in combining the latest technology and tech- niques to deliver a beautiful and natural appearance for our clients.”

What is the #1 way you support your clients?

Stephanie Walsh, Aesthetician: “With education. As both a medical aesthetician and clinical skin care educator, it’s important that I stay abreast of the latest skin care products and treatments available. Once I start working with someone, I schedule regular follow-ups to be certain we’re on track to meet our goals. Helping clients improve their self-confidence and understand their treatment brings me great joy.”

When did you first consider working in this industry?

Jeramie Bhatia, PA-C: “My path to cosmetic dermatology was an unexpected one. Through previous opportunities, I realized that I loved taking care of other women. Oftentimes I was the practitioner of choice simply because I was a woman, and that was an incredible revelation for me at a young age. While I do have male patients (and I love them too!), there is something easy and special about connecting with women and understanding what they need to help them feel good about themselves. It is a gift to be able to give them what they deserve.”

Which personality traits are most important to be successful in your field?

Sheila Hedlund, Aesthetician: “My work is very relationship-driven. My clients and I are a team. I am in this with them to achieve the absolute best results possible. Being genuinely concerned for others and truly listening to the patient makes all the difference in their results.”

When did you join Marcus Medical Spa?

Donna Duffy, RN: “In 2004 my husband and I opened a medical spa in Redondo Beach called Luminata Laser & Aesthetics. After building a loyal clientele, we merged with Marcus Medical Spa in 2014, allowing me to offer enhanced services in a supportive environment. My 15 years of experience with injectables, lasers, skin care, attention to my client’s aesthetic concerns and their results of a natural look have driven my success.”

What is the best part of your day?

Krista Jacobson, Aesthetician: “From day one, my goal in this industry has been to make a significant difference in people’s skin. By far, progress and results are the best part of my day! It doesn’t get better than providing a client with glowing confidence. In addition to facials and skin care, I support my clients by utilizing my knowledge and the expertise of our team to create a treatment plan with a variety of solutions to address all concerns. Teamwork makes the dream work!”

What is your favorite networking activity?

Nicola Lowrey, PA-C: “Sharing knowledge is imperative for the continued success of our industry as a whole. I believe the most valuable resource we have is each other. Without collaboration, our growth is limited to our own perspective. I spend a lot of my ‘off’ time traveling to conferences and studying under the most well-regarded practitioners in our field. These friendships have fostered many opportunities over the years.

During a recent conference where Dr. Marcus and I crossed paths, I realized that working together would be a great fit. I‘m so excited and grateful for the opportunity to be joining this amazing team.”

Tell us about your ideal day off.

Kelly Gutshall, RN, CANS: “My ideal day off first starts with the weather—a warm, sunshine-filled day with no marine layer! I really love days with no plans. Maybe a morning walk with my family along The Strand, then some time at the beach, followed by a yummy dinner out of The Bubble!”

What do you find most exciting about your career?

Heather Galletti, RN: “As the research coordinator at the practice, I love that we are privy to the latest developments in aesthetics. Our most recent study was transformative for some of the participants who received chin filler, giving them a subtle and natural look and renewing their sense of self-confidence. It’s great to be able to make a positive impact on our patients while also pioneering advances in our field.”